Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The fussy week? aka week 7

Week 7 with Charlie was filled with fun and a lot more outings.  Since I have figured out a little more how to keep Charlie calm and we have gotten a better hold of feedings, we've been able to go and do a lot more things just the two of us during the day which has made the days more fun!!!  I am still completely struggling with a schedule and continue to second guess are we doing things "right"...but only time will tell I guess!??  He's still alive, healthy and for the most part I think we are good right?

It's funny because lots of books and articles I have read said that weeks 6-8 are the weeks when these little babes are more fussy than usual.  After week 6, I told myself that if this was his fussy, we were all good.  But then we got home from the lake on Sunday night and boom - he got gas really bad, wouldn't sleep as well and wanted to feed more. Growth spurt?  Fussy spell?  Who knows - but it will pass right?  Yep!!  I keep telling myself that!!  He was sleeping in his crib really well and going for a long sleep at night and that all of a sudden stopped!!  AH!!  What am I doing wrong?!

The good news is that Charlie is very attentive and stares at us a lot and it's really fun!!!  He even started to smile more this week, which is oh so fun.  He is making more noises and it makes us laugh a lot.  He LOVES his baby bjorn, which is great because it's such a wonderful hands free solution, especially after he eats because he likes to be upright.  I used it a lot over the weekend when we were at the lake.  Oh the lake, it was so wonderful to get out of our house for an extended period of time as well.  I will do a quick post on that, but we went with my family and it was a nice time away from our house and to be with my family.  Our next road trip is to Omaha with the Carter clan in October!!

Some extra pictures from this week that I wanted to share too!


This is how my kid tells me he's hungry - moves his way right down to the source...
Pooped out and ready to be swaddled
Check out my new fall jacket (did lots of shopping!!)
Twins??  Charlie seems to think so
Toby wants to play with the baby
"Hey mom, want to get on your computer?  I think not...."
We moved the pack n play out of our room - and the stand in "curtain" can now come down!
Tired from a good session of tummy time
After a family walk, enjoying a coke float on the patio

Overall, another week in parent hood is in the books folks!!  Charlie is such a little cutie pie and even if he is a little fussy...he still makes me smile.


  1. He will get out of this fussy phase in no time!

    Yep - skip the diaper change at night time if you can. Don't talk to him, just keep it all booby business. :)

    What a fun week!