Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The party week (week 8)

I call this the party week because on the weekend you rocked THREE parties within 24 hours and did so great.  Other than that, we didn't really party.  Well, not the typical partying...but we rocked the mom/son partying at home like we always do.

I cannot believe that this is our eighth week at home.  Somedays I feel like we have a good routine and I am getting the hang of this mom thing and then there are somedays where I feel like I'm a complete moron.  Oh well, either way, I am going to enjoy the last month with you at home I have.  I literally had a breakdown when I was making our monthly calendar that goes on our fridge...why?  Because I wrote the day I go back to work.  I couldn't believe it.  I feel like it's gone by so fast and I'm getting anxious about it.  Anxious about our new routine; anxious about sending you to daycare; anxious about everything.  But I know it will be ok.  And I'm going to live in the present and try not to be anxious about it.

We had fun and got out a lot.  A few shopping trips - including a little feeding in the H&M dressing room - and lunch with friends.  You are so fun in the morning and just so freaking happy when we play.  You are smiling and making such cute cooing noises and squeals.  I love it so much and I could stare at you for hours.  Hours I tell you.

Loved that you got to meet so many people that love you and were anxiously awaiting your arrival earlier this summer.  Including Katie, who is having a little man in December and will be your bff.  I think we are planning a trip down there in January to meet him in person, so get excited!!

We put you back in the swaddle and I think you are FINALLY accepting it. Great.  Right about the time that you are growing out of all the swaddles that we own.  Haha.  Mom had to go out and buy some of the bigger ones because guess what?  Most of them are only ok up to 12.5 lbs...and you are about at that point little man.  I cannot believe it.  I can and I can't, but you are so cute.  I cannot wait for our 2 month appointment to see just how long you are now!!!

Willy and Charlie playing and hanging out...

I love this onesie, but I think he's only going to get to wear it once...it was rather tight!

Buddha belly!!!!!

Staring at the lights - play time is fun!

My dad's facebook page - FINALLY!

Snuggling with the girls on Saturday...

Getting a bottle from dad after a Chiefs WIN!

"Hey mom, my outfit matches your bed spread!"

I love this picture - he looks so big!  (PS his car seat wasn't secure yet, don't worry!)

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