Sunday, September 30, 2012

Trip to the pumpkin patch!

So it's fall and that means new things when you have a kid.  Time to start traditions now, right??  Even if Charlie is so little, I am hoping we can look back on these things and traditions and be happy and continue them in the future.  Well, Jimmy and I never really did the pumpkin patch thing, but when there was a living social deal buy one get one free entry to the Gardner pumpkin patch, I jumped on that and also emailed Emily to see if she and Jeff and Jackson wanted to join in the fun.

Neither Jimmy or I had been to a pumpkin patch...let alone on a Saturday.  Filled with lots of fun and kids and games and PUMPKINS of course!!

Pumpkins (the easy kind...not the ones you have to go pick)
The fun pumpkin train!

When we got there..there was a show.  For some reason I can see Vanessa and Heather doing something like this when they were in high school - ehh??

We got there a few minutes before the Matlocks, so we tried to get Charlie to eat...but he was not having it.  He was too distracted/entertained by all the fun that was going on around him.

And then mama took some pictures of my boys...

A dad in love and a baby tooting.

Look at me mom!!

JK, dad was really holding me up silly!

We were pumped with our friends arrived because those pictures couldn't last that much longer...haha.  Remember when Jackson was born way back in March??  Well guess what?  He's SIX MONTHS old now!  Holy cow!!  But here are Emily and Jackson and me and Charlie rocking our baby bjorns.  Love it!  So funny all the pictures we took in college that we were crazy and now we are rocking our babies!!!

And guess who else is taking pictures a bit different...our husbands.  While we carried the babes, they pushed the strollers...which is much easier than it sounds through a pumpkin patch.  I think Jimmy was wishing we got the all terrain stroller.  They are so cute!!

Once Charlie was back in the stroller and awake, we decided to do their "official" meeting.  The one at our house when Charlie was super little doesn't count because Jack wasn't interested and Charlie doesn't remember, right?  So here it is.  OMG the cutest thing ever.

Jack reaching for Charlie saying "what's up dude?"

AND - SWEETEST PICTURE EVER!!!  Holding hands!! BFFs forever!!

There were so many fun games and activities it was insane!!  All the kids out there were having so much fun it made the four of us excited and look forward for our little guys to grow up someday and have fun at the pumpkin patch.  But in the mean time...we finally convinced our husbands to have some fun with the pumpkin guns.  Well, actually they were wimps and didn't want to do the big pumpkin gun (which was awesome) and they just did the gourd gun.  And unfortunately, didn't hit the signs.  Which is precisely why Jeff said he didn't want to do it because we were watching these kids do it and they missed the sign and Jeff said the look on his face was pure defeat.  Oh well...hopefully our sons don't take after their dads in that aspect!!

Finally, some pictures before we left and got our own pumpkins.  Which by the way...we thought they only took cash and we only had $5 we kept weighing the pumpkin with the lady and getting smaller ones until we were under $5.  Turns out, they took credit/debit cards.  Oops.  Live and learn, right??

Mother/son shot with the pumpkins :)
Finally - Jeff rocks at staging photographs.  This picture makes Charlie look so big because he's all propped up by himself!!

Sweet Jackson checking out the pumpkin stem!!

We had a great time and were so happy to hang out with Emily, Jeff and Jackson at the pumpkin patch.  However, I think if we make this a year it will be more fun when these babes can move a little more!!

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