Tuesday, September 4, 2012

On the go family

Just a few days after Charlie's arrival, we have tried to continue to stay somewhat active and not just get stuck in the house.  There are many times I would prefer to just sit there, but know it's good for all of us (when Jimmy's around) to get out.  Don't want to get that cabin fever.  I felt guilty about going places at  first.  Especially when someone asked how old you were one time and I told them 9 days and they kind of gave me this look like "what in the world are you doing out with a 9 day old baby?".  Then I asked our pediatrician and she was like - heck girl, get out and about.  It's not cold and flu season...just dont' be dropping him off at the gym day care.

Since then, we have used our judgement and tried to keep in touch with the world.  AKA still attempt to go out to eat every once and a while,

First lunch out at Johnny's in Corinth!
Chilling on the patio at Maloney's 
Mom time at Maloney's
You have also made it to CostCo for lunch with dad and Aunt Lyndsay, Schlotsky's with Aunt Lyndsay and breakfast at RJ's with dad.

...make quick trips to the grocery store, BuyBuy Baby and Target,

Trip around Target with mom...
...picnics in the park (well just one of those so far, but lots and lots of walks around the neighborhood)
Family picnic in Franklin Park

One of our neighborhood walks with your brothers

....of course lots of family time...

Cousin Norah teaching baby Charlie

Cousin Will who points and says "baby" on repeat :)

Time with Papa B

Cousins Kenlie & Maren loving on Charlie

Hanging with Grana

Saturday nights with the Bruns
Aunt Lyndsay loving

loving on Nana B!
and on Labor day we made our first shopping adventure as a family to the Legends.  It was pretty exciting to say the least!

At JCrew...Charlie was not liking the car seat/stroller so we took advantage of the sling!
A few things about this trip.

  1. We are glad we got there early because once we left around 12:30 it was SO crowded!!  People were hounding us for our parking spot...
  2. Taking a stroller in and out of stores is not-so-easy as it looks (luckily there are some nice people out there that will hold the door every once and a while)
  3. Screaming baby in a store makes for lots of looks and a frazzled mom.  However, cute and sleeping baby in a stroller or sling makes for lots of sweet glances and coos and a happy mom.
  4. What to do when it's time to change/feed??  TJ Maxx to the rescue
Yep, you read the last bullet.  So one of the things that causes me the most anxiety about going out and about with Charlie is the breastfeeding in public thing.  It really doesn't bother me, but for some reason, I don't want other people to feel weird.  I obviously have a nursing cover, but still.  So you guessed it, while we were shopping the screaming started.  Go down the list of things...needs to be changed?  Needs to eat??  Or needs to sleep?  I would say all 3 in that order.  On top of it, I had to pee bad.  I knew TJ Maxx had a semi-nice bathroom so off we went.  However there was no changing table in the handicap stall.  Bummer.  I figured I would just change him on the stroller (which I had to do before when we went to the KU kick off thing).  There was another couple needing to change 2 of their kids right behind me and they asked an associate from TJ Maxx and they said go to the handicap stalls in the dressing room because they have great benches.  SCORE!  Not only did I go in there to change him, but I also fed him.  I started to get nervous that the lady manning the dressing room was going to kick me out after a certain amount of time, but she didn't.  She was super cool and we were in there around 20 minutes while Jimmy browsed the store with the babyless stroller.  Again, so funny how you are on no real schedule and adhere to the baby's needs in the beginning - very different from our old life!

I have to say, I wasn't sure of where I was going to nurse him, but it worked out quite well in this case. Now when I go to Target, the mall, or anywhere that has dressing rooms, I know that is a great option! I even told another girl at my breastfeeding group and she said she did it at Macy's the other day!! Love it!!

It's crazy to me that was seriously the most exciting part of the shopping outing for me.  I felt so much better about it and more confident that we can make this work after doing it.  Second best thing?  Charlie was NOT having the car seat in the heat, so I busted out my sling which was a birthday present to myself because I love the Moby wrap, but wanted something quick and easy to put on too, and he sat very nicely in the sling for the rest of the time we were shopping.  I got him some cute clothes at the Carter's sale (so ready for fall!!) and this mom got some good shirts to wear during her time off.

I know there are a few readers out there that are breastfeeding or did breastfeed for awhile...any tips on breastfeeding when you are out (shopping, dinner, etc.)?  It is nice to have that option and not have to carry around a bottle, but wanted to see what others did in those cases like at a restaurant?  Do you just sit at your table and nurse??  I am curious!!

Anyway, it has been fun having him more alert and active and we are getting out more and more and it's great!!  I'm continuing to look for some fun activities for the two of us while I am off work for the next 7 weeks, so any and all suggestions are welcome.  


  1. I love this post! That's so awesome you guys are getting out and about! Charlie is so dang cute. And so are you.

  2. Great update! You look amazing mama! Girl, I've fed Carson at Macy's, Nordstrom, Kohl's, Buy Buy, Target, you name it. The dressing rooms rock because of the privacy and are my first choice. Buy Buy has an awesome mother's room. I've also fed a lot in the car. Just sit in the back seat and have a blanket handy. It's not as easy if it's super hot out though. However, I have left the car running several times for the AC and it works great! Restaurants are the hardest. I usually try to find a more secluded area (for example, Gram and Dun has a couch area in the basement), or just go to the car. And if that isn't an option, you gotta do what you gotta do. I've actually fed him while sitting on the toilet at Brio. Yep, right there in the bathroom stall:). I was desperate.

  3. Krista- Thanks for the tips!! I was actually going to facebook message you with some tips and tricks that you found in the beginning of breastfeeding! Dressing room was an awesome tip and I know I will have to try the car a few times - going to do it today when I head into Hallmark to visit coworkers for a wedding shower.

    And so funny about Brio - but I now know that when the kid has to eat, he has to eat!!!