Thursday, September 6, 2012

Week 5 with Charlie

Can I say it again I cannot believe how fast you are growing??  It's amazing to be around you all the time and get to see all the changes and fun first hand too.  I feel more blessed every day for this time off I get to spend with just you.  I love it so much.

Week 5 was filled with mom's birthday and your first holiday: labor day!!  We had a fun week with more visitors and a trip into work to see mom and dad's work friends.  You continue to be a good little eater and guess what else happened?  On Sunday night, we put you in your crib for the first time at night.  You kinda sorta liked it, but didn't last all night.  However on Monday night, you were there all night long and did so great waking up for feedings and going right back to sleep.  Mom loved it because she didn't have to wake your dad up at all (I'm sure he appreciated it as well).  It's weird having you in your room at night now and not right next to me, but I pretty much stare at the video monitor that is sitting right next to me for about 5 minutes every time I leave you in there just to make sure you are ok.  And guess what?  You are.  And the fancy Snuza that your Aunt Vanessa convinced your mom to get (that dad is still all up in arms about...)?  Well we are using that and mom is just loving it because it alerts us immediately if you were to stop breathing.  Such a great sigh of relief knowing you are safe.  But it's nice to have you in your crib because when we do get some sleep, your grunting and snorting (all those cute little newborn noises) isn't as loud.

We continue to keep up our nursing routine and are trying to introduce the bottle once a day.  It's going ok.  I think dad has figured out the trick though.  You take your pacifier sometimes.  But your head strength.  Holy cow little man, I'm amazed at how much you are holding up your head and staring at things.  It's so fun to see you be so curious and in tune with the world and the objects in it now.  I love guessing what you are staring off at and thinking about.  It's my new mom game I play by myself!

You are keeping mom busy during the day and we are doing some fun activities.  Our favorite it the breastfeeding group on Tuesdays - so thankful that we started going.  We have met some amazing women there and some pretty cute babies!

So here it is - week 5 in review with Mr. Charlie, who continues to make us fall in love with him every day!!!


  1. I love this day-by-day weekly recap! I did something similar for Brantley's first week, and I wish I would have continued like you are! Such a great idea! You little boy is so darn cute and you look fantastic! I also wish I would have done those breastfeeding support groups...I may have been more motivated to go back to it after Brantley started gaining weight. :(

  2. Congrats on the new addition to your family! SO exciting!