Sunday, July 22, 2012

Fourth of July

Catching up on posts here - so get ready because I have had these pictures uploaded for awhile now and just waiting to have some time to write a little bit of commentary.  And we are still in July, so that's good, even though this was at the beginning of the month, just go with it.

It was really random that this holiday fell on a Wednesday...and especially since we are having a baby in a few days we are both saving up our vacation time, so we didn't take off any time before hand or after, so that meant we really just had Wednesday off.  But we for sure made the most of it!

My sister in law's parents (and Vanessa's parents...) were so nice to invite the whole Carter family out to their house for some fun, food and fireworks.  We were thrilled and very much looking forward to spending time with some of our favorite people on a great holiday!!  And who couldn't be excited with a sweet little face like this to hang out with??

And don't worry - my husband wasn't shy about being like a kid and dressing up for this holiday.  We made a special trip to Kohl's that morning just so he could wear this.  At $9 on sale, I couldn't say no, however, I will be making sure he will get good use out of it the next 3 or 4 or 5 fourth of Julys....

The Gower's have SO many fun toys for kids, that all of them just had such a great time.  Ben was the resident driver of this awesome John Deer truck/car (??).  He was so funny when he was driving it and we had to teach him how to reverse, which made me just wonder if this is what it will be like in about 10 more years when he actually learns how to drive.

A fun shot of Libbie driving Norah....but the battery was running out so Ben had to help push them up the hill.  It was so funny because Ben was getting so frustrated that he had to push them, but even when Libbie went back down the hill (against Ben's wishes), Ben still helped push.  What a great guy!

And then they had the "big boy" toy that the guys loved and drove around their property with the kids in shifts.  Here was a good shot of Fred and Red with some of their grandkids!!

And then you have little Will - who so desperately wanted to drive the truck.  Like really bad.  However, his feet are a little too short.  So watching him try to drive it was halfway amusing and half of me wanted to just go and drive him around!!  What a cutie!

The next toy??  A slip n' slide that Mike bought at the infamous St. Joe auction!  Oh the toys these boys get at the auction.  I do now give them credit because they do put them to good use.  The kids just LOVED this.  Check them all out in this picture!!  It's pretty amazing!

Even little Will hung with the big kids just fine and slipped and slid around a ton!!

Love this picture of all of them!!  Including Ms Zoe, the Gower's dog who just wanted to join in all the fun SO bad!

I did get a great video of all the fun they were having on the slip n' slide!!!  Love it!!  And Zoe was so funny with her ball - she would NOT give that ball up and wanted to keep playing with it so bad!

And then it was time for some bomb favorite!!  And I think the kids liked them too!  They got a little messy, but there is no harm in that right?

Will with his bomb pop
Little Miss Norah with her bomb pop and hooded towel
Kenlie and Maren - check out Ben waving in the background!!!  So funny!!
Next up on the agenda???  Firework time!  Uncle Mike and Uncle Jimmy were responsible for setting off the fireworks and they were very safe.  The kids stood back to watch the fun and fire!

Such a cute shot of them all looking on!  Maren looks like such a good protective big sister!

Another one of the boys with their toys.  Jimmy and Tim took their little protege Ben on a ride!!  I think he loved it a lot!

I just love this picture of Ben and Will.  Ben was so sweet the whole time he was driving Will around and had his arm around him protecting him!

And then finally?  As the sun began to set, we got the fire started in the fire pit and the smores were made and desserts were eaten.  Or more like inhaled.  Haha.  This picture of Will is priceless.

My gorgeous view for the night.  I was planted in a chair with my feet up and it was so nice!  I loved getting to watch the kids play and have a great time and even though it was super hot, the weather did start to cool down a little bit.

Since we had to go to work the next day, we had to call it a night around 9:30 or 10 and got to drive home on the highway and catch lots of different city's firework shows, which was pretty fun.  And since I didn't get a picture of my pregnant-self and Jimmy all night, I made him do a self-portrait when we got home.  Fourth of July tuxedo shirt and all.

It was such a fun night and thanks to the Gower's for inviting the Carter family over for some fun times!!  It is crazy to think we'll have an 11 month old by the time this holiday rolls around next year.  AHHH!!!  Life is going to get so crazy and fun!  We can't wait!

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