Thursday, October 3, 2013

Another five on Friday for ya!

This week has a doozy.  I'm just happy that we made it to Friday!

Down to 9 weeks of class left as well.  

Linking up again with Darci and friends for random Five on Friday tidbits.



Oh sheesh.  The theme of this week has been a sick babe.  Poor Charlie.

Pink eye on Sunday and got some medicine so he was good to go back to school Monday and not be contagious.  Then Wednesday, Jimmy had to pick him up from school early because he had a 101 fever.

I got to stay home with him on Thursday and we actually had a great day.  Woke up fever free and feeling great and seemed to be back to his normal self!  I was very productive with work and Charlie had fun entertaining himself.  We had lots of snuggles and smiles.

Hopefully his day back at school today goes well!

However, my house looked like THIS at 8:30AM.  Needless to say, I had to pick it up a few times!!


Speaking of dad is up in Iowa with my grandpa right now.

He is very sick, so appreciate your thoughts and prayers for his peace and comfort and that God's love surrounds him and our family.


How about something a little more upbeat for number three?

Well the fact that my little man got his first big kid haircut this week.  He went from looking like this:

To like this:

And was all smiles.  What a cutie!!


OMG: Scandal.

No words.
I literally sit on the edge of my seat watching that show.

Kerry Washington is amazing and this show and these writers.  Freaking amazing.  Already looking forward to next Thursday.


Feeding Charlie seems to be getting harder and harder.  I always try to have healthy fruits and vegetables on hand but really what he likes to eat:

hot dogs
sometimes lunch meat
more puffs (just a different flavor)
toddler breakfast bars

So not entirely horrible...but still.  I feel like this kid needs a little more balance.

Any ideas/tips/thoughts on healthy toddler food?

All appreciated!!

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  1. Praying for your sweet Grandpa, Brittany! xoxo

  2. A sick babe is the worst, I would rather just be sick myself! Happy Friday, hope your little one feels better!

  3. I'm also struggling with what to feed Brantley! The only "meat" he likes is hot dogs, so we alternate between that and easy mac. Not the most healthy. He does loves fruit, so that makes me feel better, but my husband hates that he eats hot dogs all the time. I'd love some suggestions as well!