Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Charlie's one year...errr thirteen month pictures

One upon a time (and really this does feel like FOREVER ago), we were lucky enough to have our pictures taken by the super talented Allison Corrin.  While this was not the original plan, it worked out quite nice.  

So what was the original plan?  Well - I actually planned somewhat ahead (for once) and scheduled Charlie's one year photo shoot for the weekend following his birthday.  They were set to be Saturday morning.  We were still living with my parents and it was going to be great because I had that to focus on and not moving quite yet.  Mr. Charlie had other plans.

The Friday night before his originally scheduled photo shoot with the wonderful Amanda Malone...we were outside at my parents house and he was having fun running up and down my parents grass and driveway.  We were waiting for Ali and Lora to arrive to play with Henry.  Welp - they arrived all right.  Charlie was so dang excited about it he started sprinting towards them and while going down the decline of the driveway too fast literally fell FLAT on his forehead.  Like it literally bounced off the driveway.  Ouch.  And embarrassing {for me, not him}.  

Poor guy had a good cry and then seemed to be just fine.  Our one year pictures?  Yeah - those were not going to happen the next day.  I called Amanda to tell her we needed to postpone and she said she understood and to let her know when I wanted to reschedule and she'd fit us in.  

So on went the weekend and I emailed her about rescheduling mid-week the following week.  And guess what?  She broke her arm in the mean time and can't take pictures.  OMG!!  NO!!  I was so upset.

In come Allison!  She and I were high school classmates and I admired her work that she posted on instagram, facebook and her blog of her sweet family and thought that this was just the opportunity.  She was so sweet to fit us in as fast as she could and we went on a Wednesday morning before work and school and got some great light, some great weather and some AWESOME shots!  

In the end, it worked out great - but that teaches me to plan anything a month in advance I guess!!  Charlie will have something else to say about that.  

Without further adieu, I give you Charlie's 13 month pictures, because yes my friends, he was over 13 months by the time this debacle of unfortunate turned fortunate events worked out.  But guess what - no one will ever know except you and me!  And I seriously love them so much - I'm happy we waited a bit.  Thank you thank you, Allison!  Now I need to decide which ones to hang up on the walls at our new house!!!

The colors in this picture are amazing!!!

I love this one!

This one is PERFECT!!  Charlie is obsessed with bubbles...

My little mover walking through the wet grass.

I guess he thinks I'm funny?!

I just love my huge grass stains in the one on the left - but seriously, anything to get them to laugh!

As you can tell - Charlie was just thrilled to be shirtless. 

But then the cake arrived

and he was VERY happy.

And just like that - he was off. 

Thank you again Allison!!!  I love every single one of them and you captured our family so well!

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  1. She did a GREAT job! Loved looking at them again. :)

  2. These pictures are amazing!! I may need to check out this photographer for future photos! Where were they taken? I love the scenery!

    1. Thank you!!! She picked the spot and it was in a field right by cedar creek elementary school in Western Olathe. She was awesome!!!

  3. BEAUTIFUL family!!! And Allison did a phenomenal job. :)