Friday, October 25, 2013

Five things!

Wahoo!  FRIDAY!  I'm sure you are just as pumped as I am.

So I need to sit down and write like 12,000 posts.  Ok maybe not 12,000 but at least 12.  About Charlie being 13 months...then 14 months...and soon to be 15 months.  And my feelings about when we stopped nursing.  I mean big things have happened and are happening.  My sweet baby is a full out toddler that says words, understands things, has a personality and RUNS everywhere.  yes - runs!

But here I am, another quick five things and linking up with Darci and friends.  Someday.  Maybe after December 13?! #mbalife


Well - a year ago yesterday - I ended maternity leave and went back to work.  And on that same day, two of our good friends both delivered their baby boys, Bo and Bennett.  October 24 will always stay in my brain - mainly because I was so worried about going back to work.  A year later - here we are.  As busy as ever and trying to "have it all"!

And happy birthday yesterday to sweet Bennett and Bo - so excited to celebrate with you both!



Oh my goodness - I realized this week how much I have missed my friends.

I feel like the weeks just fly by and I'm thrilled to make it to Friday in one piece that I literally don't remember the last time I got to see, spend time and catch up with my friends.  Well - what a week it was and it just reminds me how thankful I am for all the wonderful friends in my life.  Tuesday, I went to visit new-mama Lauren and meet her sweet baby Will.  SUCH a cutie and it was so good to have such real conversations with her about the challenges and joys of being a new mom.

Then Wednesday, I went to dinner with a group of Pi Phi friends after class.  I was so upset about not seeing Charlie that night I called Jimmy almost in tears and he was like, you need to go, you need this time with your friends.  And boy was he right.  The best conversations, laughs and friends.  So lucky!  (and some pretty good food - we went to Tavern in Mission Farms!).

Then the weekday nights capped out Thursday with a special visit from Vanessa and Arden and Emily (we missed Jackson - but got to facetime!!).  They came over and Charlie and Arden played and played and the three of us talked and talked.  Just like old times (minus the kid thing).

So blessed.  I needed this reminder so bad! 


Blog design - I need a new one.  Or to make my own that I can edit the pictures easily and even change the theme throughout the year.  Any ideas??  I had someone design one for me a while ago and I loved it, but I really wanted to update my pictures and not have to pay every time.  Is that possible?



So it's finally fall and starting to even feel like WINTER right?  Well I have to admit something.

My name is Brittany and ALL I want to wear on the weekend is leggings and comfy boots.  AH!

BUT I need some long shirts that somewhat cover my booty.  Any ideas on where to snag some?  I've been on the lookout for a while now and find some here and there, but would love any suggestions if anyone has found a place to find them.  Because looks like this:

 And this....
 Are what I need to wear.  None of these real pants!  Haha.  I'm horrible.

And I wouldn't mind if this little ensemble was added to my winter work wardrobe either.  I have the skirt already and black sweater, just need the colorful scarf and belt for a nice pop!!



We are FINALLY making it out to the pumpkin patch this weekend!!

Confession - I'm cheap and already picked up some pumpkins at Target last weekend.  But that's ok, right?  Oh yes, it is.

The Matlocks and the Carters are headed to the pumpkin patch again this year together.  Needless to say it will be a LOT different than last year when Charlie was just 3 months old and Jackson was 7 months.

Pumpkin patch trip 2012

 Pretty crazy how old they are now!!

We are going to check out Deanna Rose Farmstead and their Pumpkin Hollow pumpkin patch this year.  We think the boys will really enjoy Deanna Rose and all the animals and activities and then the pumpkin patch will be an added benefit (plus it says you get a free pumpkin too!).  Win win for all of us.  Cannot wait to keep up this tradition with them!!

Happy Friday!

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  1. That's why I LOVE maternity shirts! They're long and they cover the booty!! Even before I was pregnant again, I constantly wore my maternity tank tops under things for the length and layering. Old Navy's are great, as are the Liz Lange tanks from Target. I even got my mom hooked on them! Ha! :) Seriously though, I too have always wondered where to find longer shirts and tunics. So many cute ones on Pinterest, but they're hard to find in stores.

    1. Umm - I would wear maternity shirts forever! And you are right that they are perfect - I need to break some of mine out. Just have to make sure for those of us that are not pregnant they don't have the side things!!!

  2. Hahaha. I LOVE Arden's face in that pic of them, "This is miiine". Hehe. And I have that black and white striped's from ON. And finally, I hear you live in my friend Megan Castrop's (used to be Winter) neighborhood. The uh-mazing neighborhood with the waterfall. SO fun! :)

    1. Um it was hilarious watching them interact!! Love this age!!

      And thanks - I need to get some longer shirts and feel like Old Navy would have them, but maybe need to search online? I haven't had much luck in stores lately!

      And yes that's our neighborhood!! So fun! We are loving it so far - And I believe I knew Megan in college and we are facebook friends - I want to say we did maybe Student Foundation together at K-State - I cannot remember! Such a small world!

  3. follwing from the linkup! YAY! aaaand i love you already bc...
    1. i always need shirts to cover my bootayyy too
    2. speaking of that...i have the exact same black/cream stried old navy shirt you have above. and when i wear it, my outfit looks just like that. eeee! LOVE IT. great minds, girl.. ;)


  4. I always have trouble finding long shirts too. I don't want my booty all out! :) Happy weekend!

  5. Try H&M for long shirts. I love their stuff. And hope you guys had fun at the pumpkin patch. We just did that this past weekend too. Much more fun this year now that Mac's a bit older.

  6. Hey Brittany! I was so excited to see that you referenced my outfit post under {Four}, leggings and striped top. Thank you so much, and I hope you've found some booty covering tops! Often times I buy tops in Tall if available so they are long enough to wear with leggings!

    1. Melissa that is such a cute outfit!! I saw it on pinterest and loved it! GOod idea on getting tall stuff! I have been slowly but surely adding them to my wardrobe. It's horrible - I don't want to wear "real pants" on the weekends!!! Thanks for your comment!