Friday, October 18, 2013

TGIF: Five on Friday

Freaking T.G.I.F.

After 2 tests, lots of work deadlines and recovering from sickness - let me say TGIF!!  Wahoo!

Linking up with Darci and friends for another Five on Friday since I missed it last week.



We haven't done TOO much to get into the fall spirit around here.  A few decorations, but planning on getting more in the spirit soon.  This cool KC weather is sure helping - love breaking out those sweaters.  But I did make this little concoction this morning.  A twist on my normal cheese ball


Plans for this weekend!? I'm excited to be going to a good friend's baby shower for her sweet baby girl to be AND going to see Wicked with my mom, sister and grandma.  We've seen it once before but I cannot wait to see it again!!!



Soooo- our new house? It's kind of in the country.  Like kind of. To me, it's the perfect mix of close enough to the "city" (not downtown of course, but like restaurants, grocery stores, etc.).

But to get to and from our neighborhood, you get off a highway and drive by forest and land and crops and cows / horses.

And I kind of love it.  Yes, it's further from work, but I really like the scenery like this:

on the way to work. I've never lived in a small town, so kinda feels like it.  And the sunsets? Obsession.


Speaking of our house. 

I need to decorate. Like we have been in our house 3.5 months now and I've done nothing (eek). However, I'm leaving the actual decorating to AFTER December 13.

But doesn't mean I can't brainstorm and dream now, right??

Playroom ideas: Source

Love these prints

Nice for folding: Source

Entry way ideas: source

 Now if anyone has any ideas how to put and KEEP things on table tops with a toddler running around - let me know.  Because that in itself might be demotivating me!

A couple weeks ago I asked if anyone had ideas on good toddler snacks/meals.  Jimmy to the rescue. Here are a few great websites he found that we are going to try out some for Charlie. Really need to get him to eat some protein...going to start trying black beans and peanut butter!  Check out these websites!

Happy Friday everyone! We made it one more week!!!

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  1. First-time visitor from Five on Friday! We bought our new home about 6 months and had paint colors picked out, a list of everything I needed to decorate each room, etc. Welp, 6 months later...NADA...we have moved in and decorated with what we had but nothing like I had planned :( Thanks for sharing!

  2. i've seen wicked twice too!!! it's my favorite musical by far. absolutely gorgeous music and the wizard of oz links take me back to childhood! :) y'all have FUN! i know you will!!!