Monday, October 14, 2013

Mommy and me + fall + SICK

You know what I completely underestimated?  Being SUPER sick as a mom to a toddler.  Oh my gosh.  This last week through quite a wrench in our normal and this time it wasn't our little man that was sick - it was me.  The worst?  I cannot tell you how horrible it is to wake up with a 102 degree fever as an adult and have to walk into your toddler's room at 5:30AM when he's screaming.  Needless to say, dad took over Charlie duties after about an hour while I went back to bed.

The good news?  After finally biting the bullet and going to urgent care on Sunday morning and getting some drugs (and feeling like I'm on 15 medicines)...I'm finally feeling a little bit back to normal {minus the whole coughing my brains out still - but I will take that over a fever any day}.

The bad news?  Mama has TWO test this week.  Ugh - can it be December 13 already?  I cannot take this any longer.  JUST.WANT.TO.RELAX.

Ok enough complaining I guess - other than being sick - we attempted to have a great weekend.  And we pretty much did.

Friday night we got home to BEAUTIFUL weather.  Took a stroll in the wagon and relaxed.  Cracks me up how this little man kicks his feet back in the wagon.

And also this weekend?  Got 2 of the 4 (maybe 5) Halloween costumes.  All Willy needs is a piano....{hint: he's going to be Shroeder...}

After feeling like death Saturday morning, I had to suck it up because Jimmy was off being a good citizen to the world and was the captain for one of Hallmark's Christmas in October houses.  He has been working his tail off for the last 5 months getting everything ready for this weekend and he did a great job.  They had a great team of people to help fix this lady's house.  Way to go Jimmy!!!

So in the mean time, Charlie and I did some consignment shopping and then went to look at some model homes in our neighborhood for fun with my mom and Aunt Susan who was in town from Colorado.  It was so good to see her and she cannot believe how big Charlie is - I know!!

So after I spent all day being sick/studying/playing, the minute Jimmy got home, I knew I didn't want to cook dinner and needed something fun for Charlie to do.  And that's where the flier on my fridge called our name.  We headed to our church's fall festival for some dinner, fall activities galore and fun! Charlie had a blast and I want a petting zoo at my house - he freaking loved it.

On the hay ride!

They had a mini corn maze and it was amazing!  Charlie led the way.

Another new love - a baby pool full of CORN!!!  He enjoyed it for 7 min - then I had to take him out because he started to try to eat it....

He loved the bunny rabbit!

And we even got to take home a pumpkin for our little pumpkin.  That's perfect since we haven't had time to go to the pumpkin patch yet - so this beauty (complete with a $1 Target pumpkin decorating kit) is not adorning our porch).

Sunday...I woke up again with a fever. The highest it has been yet and Jimmy sent me off to the doctor.  Said I couldn't come home without medicine. Glad he did that.

While I was there, Jimmy and Charlie headed to the park.  And my "baby" went swinging in the big boy swing.  #stopgrowingup

Then it was time for the Chief's game.  Which this might be the world's most uninterested Chief's fan.

Needless to say - they pulled of ANOTHER win, and are still undeafeted.  Jimmy is on cloud nine, with the rest of KC.

After that, we went over to hang out with my aunt and cousin, who are headed back to Colorado today and then fell fast asleep!!  Overall, didn't get much of my studying done - but that is what lunch breaks are for right?  Ugh - I hope so.  Just need to pass!!

My Everyday Love

Finally, Mommy and Me pictures!!  While I didn't get a great face shot of Charlie and I this weekend - I love this picture of him with the goat and me cracking up.  Seriously, did I mention I want a petting zoo in my back yard.  Would provide us with HOURS of entertainment!!

Here's to a better week!!!

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  1. Decemeber 13th will be here before ya know it!!! And I am dying over his shoes, adorable!!

  2. Aww a weenie dog in a sweater! Does he stay in it? My family had a weenie growing up and he would walk our of all things dog clothes.
    I love the pool full of corn, I'd love to have a sensory bin of corn next year for Aria - I think all she would do now is eat it. Love the petting zoo pics. So fun!!

  3. Your pictures are adorable. I am a momma to a boy and a dachshund boy.