Friday, January 31, 2014


Happy Friday friends AND last day of January.  Friday means I'm linking up again with Darci and friends for this fun link up.

One month down in 2014 and one month closer to SPRING!!



Somehow, my sweet boy turned 18 months old today.

Don't ask me how that happened.  Except I distinctly remember writing his six month post thinking "wow, in a year I'll have an EIGHTEEN month old".

And just like that.  Here we are.

But I'll take it.  Every month keeps getting more fun and to be honest, more entertaining.


WINTER is back again.

I realize it's just the end of January, but we have had a few days mixed into January that are beautiful and we literally spent the day outside.  It was heaven.

But the 5 day outlook looks like this.  And I hate it.  No snow please!!!


And so so thankful that I have never got stuck on a highway for 18+ hours because of snow.  Oh my gosh, watching the news about the highways in Georgia literally made me want to cry.

That is exactly why I make my husband put an extra coat in the car.


Decorating.  UGH.

Seriously, this used to be my favorite thing in the world.  But that was way back know, when I had all the time in the world and wasn't forking over a second mortgage for day care.

Decorating takes time and money - both more than I have these days.

So I'm working with what we have.  And we actually have a whole room of picture frames, shelves and wall hangings from our old house that are just sitting there (yes, this room has to be emptied to make way for a nursery sooner rather than later).  So my Monday night activity (after lots of pinning) was building this "gallery wall" on the floor of my bedroom while watching the Bachelor and drinking hot chocolate by the fire.  It was a pretty great evening.

However, the process of getting this baby UP on my wall.  Well that's another story.

Can I use the "I'm pregnant" excuse on this one?  Eh - I guess, but Jimmy is not as precise as I am, so I feel like if I left it up to just him I would just nit pick and "fix" it.  And no one would be happy.

So for now, I have 2 pieces of paper hanging up on the wall.  We'll see how far I get this weekend.


 I know this is OLD news at this point since it happened on Sunday night - but did you guys watch Sean and Catherine's wedding?  I'm not going to lie - I really like them and was excited to watch it live and see what they showed, etc.

Best part?  His dad officiating hands down.  Loved that they didn't try to be someone else on TV and stayed true to their Christian beliefs and values on national TV.  Such a great example and seriously, I believe they are in love. 

Well do you follow Sean's sister Shay's blog (or her cooking blog)?  I do and I love her stories, cute kids, cute clothes and recipes and she did a fun behind the scenes blog post that was great.  Check it out here!!  Fun to see another side.

And even better?  Her hilarious friend and blogger (at had the FUNNIEST recap.  Loved the comments on grown sexy. 

Check them out!!


Finally - as February is upon us tomorrow, that means it's Vanessa's birthday!

Happy happy birthday to one of my best friends.  I'm sad we don't get to be together in person to celebrate birthday's anymore.  But oh my gosh.  Have you ever spent time going through old pictures on Facebook?  Well I wanted to get some from her 21st birthday celebration in college and I found some gems.  The best part?  Reliving college for 45 minutes searching through pictures.

I haven't said this in a while.  But take me back.  Or at least give me a girls weekend.  AHH!!

We are so fun.  I know we are still.

And apparently we liked peace signs.

Peace sign #1
Peace sign #2
Peace sign #3

Hope you have a great day tomorrow, V!!

P.S. Also - prayers for my best friend, Katie, and her family.  Her grandma passed away yesterday, which is so hard.  Love you all!!

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  1. Love your gallery wall--great job! Good luck with the hanging part. And yes, Sean and Catherine's wedding was amazing! Especially when you feel like you personally know part of the wedding party from following his sister's blog! :)