Friday, January 17, 2014


It's Friday again (wahoo!), which means I'm linking up with DarciAprilChristina and Natasha again for a Five on Friday!


We had some FUN last weekend and built Charlie's kitchen helper.  And guess what?  He loves it.

Loves climbing on it and loves standing on it to see everything that we can see.  We were searching through grocery ads last night together.  So awesome!!

Seriously, you need to check out - her website is just amazing and this was not a hard project to do.  We started it on Saturday during nap time and it was painted and coated by Tuesday.  (remember, everything takes longer with a child!!)


What else am I excited about?  Well - I'm really loving my time with Charlie before Jimmy gets home from work.  Sometimes he's cranky, but I think we are finally getting into a routine and I'm loving our laughs and cuddles and chasing and "going crazy".  He's hilarious.  And my favorite.

And his dad's favorite too.  Everyone in a better/happy mood suits me just fine!!!


I also got a griddle pan this week off Amazon.  I used it on Wednesday night to grill some hamburgers and it was great.  It is long enough that it fits over two of the burners on our stove.  Still haven't quite figured out how to clean it (or not clean the website says about cast iron), but it's a  hit so far.  Hope I will get some good use out of this puppy.


Budgeting.  Oh budgeting.

As it's a new year with a new job (and new income), it's that time.  I'm gearing up for the official Carter budget of 2014 and am pretty pumped (with that said - 1. I'm a nerd and 2. This is my job in real life).  I'm utilizing a new tool (similar to mint, which I like a lot) that our bank offers.  Trying to see how I like it.

What I am looking for now and have been pinning like a mad woman is not so much how to set a budget but tips to stay within the categories of each budget.  We always have one, but it's easier said then done with two people and the same bank account to follow the same rules.  So I'd like some sort of system that holds us both accountable.  I'm thinking that our bank has something that will send us text messages (alerts) if we are over budget - so hoping that will work - but if anyone has any other great ideas that they use for the family budget - I will gladly take them!!

Toddler activities/entertainment.  

What do you do with yours?  Haha - this is very generic, but mine is finally at the stage that if you give him your iPhone, he'll sit down and play a game on it with animals for like 5 minutes and that gives me time to pee alone.  We play games, we "ride the bike" around the house, we color.  But it seems to last like 30 minutes and Charlie gives me a look like "what's next?" and I give him a look like - "OMG...worst mom clue".

Do you plan activities/games/songs, etc?  Again - I'm searching all over pinterest.

And I felt bad for thinking I'm a boring mom, but then some lady I work with said that she felt the same way when her kids were this age - so I felt better about my life.  HELP!

Looking forward to a nice weekend here in KC with my boys!!!!

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  1. Answer to #5 - You have another baby so they entertain each other!!! ;)

    Or you somehow summon the strength to wait for nicer weather until they can roam outside!

    1. Haha - I'm working on that - but so true, right?!? :) This Sunday is supposed to be awesome weather - so excited!

  2. We read A LOT A LOT A LOT of books with Henry, particularly while I'm nursing. Finger paints, blocks, forts (a favorite of Henry and Andrew time together), hide and seek? That should give you another half hour. Ha!

    1. I bought some finger paints today - great idea. And forts. Love it. :)

  3. Hey! Stopping by from the linkup! We love Ana White! My husband has built so many things from her site. We need to add that kitchen helper to our list. My son loves being in the kitchen with me! And a budgeting seems like a lot of work, but after failing at budgets for 7 years we started doing monthly budgets. We sit down together a few days before a new month starts with our calendars and plan out that month and what expenses we will have. We've been doing it this way for almost 2 years and it's been so great for us.

    Happy Friday!

    1. Hi Lindsay - thanks for your comment - isn't Ana White the BEST? You for sure need to add the kitchen helper to your list!!!

      We SO need to do that. The accountability of having a budget is for sure the hardest part - so totally agree that we do need to sit down at the end of each month to evaluate. Thanks so much!

      Have a great weekend!

  4. I haven't done this for awhile, but when we do actually do it, the Dave Ramsey method works wonderful. And, I tried to make it simple. 6 envelopes: 1 for date night, 1 for fun money for you, 1 for fun money for jimmy, 1 for miscellaneous, 1 for gift giving, 1 for grocery. Plus, apparently when you use cash you think twice. I also like to read this blog from time to time: Happy Friday!

    1. I love that!! I like the simplicity of just those 6 envelopes too and that blog is great!!

  5. Stopping by from the Five on Friday link-up! I love love love the tower! My husband just built one for our 20 month old 2 weeks ago! Painting it is on the agenda for this weekend! She loves it...and you're right...the Anna White site is amazing! I have so many other projects that I want to do now! Have a great weekend!