Monday, January 20, 2014

Kid free day

Happy Martin Luther King Jr Day friends!

Jimmy and I were BOTH off work and Charlie's school was guess what?  We had a kid-free day and couldn't have been more excited.  We had it all planned out. 

Drop Charlie off at school.

Go get a casual breakfast.

Run some errands.

Go home and take a nap.

Time to use a restaurant gift card for a KC Restaurant week lunch at Sullivan's.

Then a movie.  
{For the first time together in two years}

We were seriously so excited.  Just me and my husband hanging out.  Sounds like the perfect day, right??  Haha.  I love that.  Always sounds so great, never works out like that.  
Such is the life as an adult.

Turns out that nap was about 30 minutes and not too good, lunch was delicious (thanks to my mother-in-law for the awesome gift card to Sullivan' week luch menu was amazing!!!!), but with the need to make a quick stop at a carpet place by the movie theater before made us late to the movie and guess what?  It was sold out.  That's what a holiday will do to you, right?

Then I completely acted like a 12 year old and pouted for sure and said that I WILL go to a movie today and got mad at Jimmy.

Oh Brittany.  Such a child sometimes.

So instead, we decided we'd skip a movie altogether (yep - I was still pouting) and go back to the carpet place, pick up the carpet remnants to finish the basement project that my dad started.  Yep, you read right, on the day that we originally thought was going to be focused just on us turned into running errands for Charlie. Ha ha.  But oh my goodness.  Getting that carpet home and bringing Charlie home from day care to an amazing play area and basement set up for Charlie was worth it.  Seriously, his face was amazing!!

We had to drag him upstairs when it was time to eat dinner.

And then went right back down there.

SO worth it.  And the fact that my dad and husband are the best ever.

I wish you could have seen the mess of boxes and just random stuff that was there before (dang it for not snapping that "before" picture when I told myself to).  It's amazing when all that is cleared out ALL the space that was down there.  And the carpet remnants fit perfectly too.  A nice little carpet pad (yep, we bought pads too) in case he or his friends take a tumble.

Indoor playground.  #howmanydaysuntilspring

Charlie and Papa admiring all the hard work!

He even hung up our random pictures...

There are the shelves that started all the organization (and the gate to keep little mister out)

Like the patio table?!

So there is the basement transformation that trumped our kid free day.
(I also just realized that these are the only house pictures that I have posted on my blog since we've moved into our new house about 6 months my goal, post some pictures of it by the sixth month mark of living there that is in just a few weeks!)

The best part of it all?  The 3 of us (well really 6 because all 3 dogs were down there) were hanging out down there after dinner and he was running around and around up and down the slide, in and out of the tent, around everywhere.

It was close to bath I asked Charlie if he was ready for a bath.

Charlie: "No"

Then I asked him if he was ready for "night, night".

Charlie: "No"

So we are laughing thinking that he has just decided to say "no" to everything.  Then Jimmy asks him if he wants a cookie.....

He literally stops in his tracks and turns around and goes "Cookie".

What a little stinker - I guess it's good that he does understand what he's saying no to, but hilarious at the same time.

And you know what, that made me realize EVERY single sacrifice (big or small) we make as parents is worth it.  Just to experience the sweet moments with your babies and seeing them learn and laugh.

And the movie theater will ALWAYS be there.  Charlie at almost 18 months with his sweet little personality won't be.  So I'm soaking it up.

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