Friday, January 31, 2014

One and a half - my goodness

Seriously - when did my baby grow up?  I know everyone told me it would happen fast, but I literally can remember when I sat down a year ago to write this 6 month post about how much you've grown and changed and how you were SO big.  You just started trying food for the first time and didn't have any teeth.  Oh my word.  How things have changed for all of us!!!

And in all reality when I look back, each stage is just as exciting to get to and see how you change and learn and grow.  

So what do you love at this age??

Height: 33.5 inches (85%)
Weight: 25lbs and 4oz (40%) - so yes, tall and lean right now
Clothing Size: 24 month and 2T
Shoe Size: size 6 still
Number of Teeth: 16 (all 4 canines are IN!)

Oh Charlie - you have started to show your personality SO much this past month.  At school, we got a note that you were quite the "social butterfly", greeting everyone that comes into the classroom and telling them hello.  Hmmm - wonder where you get that from??  It's so fun to see you interact and be social.  I love that you love giving out hugs and smiling.  Your cousins and grandparents are your favorite for sure.  They can always make you laugh!!

You are starting to communicate and say so many words these days.  Sometimes, I'm shocked because I have no idea how you learned the word, but it's fun when we can finally tell what you are saying.  You are starting to string a few things together, but let's just say, we are OK with the talking taking a little longer.  As we learned with an early walker, sometimes we wish for the next stage and then look back and think "what were we thinking!?".  So pointing, signing and one or two words and you can pretty much tell us what you want or need.

You also know just what you want.  And you love Elmo.  Especially the Seasame Street counting DVD that is in the car.  Even though Ernie is the star (trust me, your dad and I have the whole thing memorized), you always get in the car and point to the video screen and say "Elmo".  Then scream when we don't watch it every time.  I'm sorry though, you'll thank me later.  For teaching you early that you don't always get what you want...even when you say "please".  Which you try with everything when we say "no".  At least you're polite!  But the crying after isn't so fun.

You really don't like to be disciplined.  A simple and stern "no" from either me or your dad can send your lip a quivering and the sad face and then the tears.  While it breaks our hearts - sorry to tell you kid, you'll hear that word MANY more times in your life.  And the tears don't mean we'll give in.

But overall, you're a joy.  You are a decent sleeper and a decent napper.  We have our nights, but usually if we stick to your routine, you are good to go.  You seemed to have an aversion to the bath tub a little this month, which was strange, but are starting to like it again (good - you have to like the pool!).  The basement is now your play ground and you run circles in it.  So fun.  You are starting to play with your toys a bit more and I can see your imagination and pretend play coming out.  You like to serve me "drinks" and "plates" from your kitchen and you laugh when I pretend to drink or eat from them.  

I absolutely LOVE making and hearing you laugh.  It makes me seriously the happiest person alive.

It's been a fabulous (and FAST) year and a half kid!  And while there will be some pretty big changes in the next 6 months, I know you'll get through them just fine and be thrilled to have a baby brother or sister.  Cheers to another half birthday, kid!  

No Embassy Suites visit this year...just some good old fashioned fun at home.  Maybe next year?

Love you so much!
Mom and Dad 

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  1. Charlie is so cute! Kids sure do know what they want at this age, don't they!? They are reallly good at getting the point across too. :)