Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The toilet paper debacle

So this post is random ramblings and precisely why I started this blog way back in 2009 (which for some reason right now seems like forever ago).  It was to have a place to document random things that happened or that I was thinking.

You will see why I say random...however, I wouldn't be surprised if many people resonated with these thoughts.

So here it goes.


One day probably like two months (I mean even three- at this point it feels like a year ago...) we were walking through CostCo going through our list and got to the back where the toilet paper is.  The normal Quilted Northern we get wasn't in the coupon it usually is and then it happened.  Jimmy asked me if I thought we could save a few dollars and get the cheaper brand.  It seemed like a good deal when you look at the financials.

But let me tell you that toilet paper is NOT about financials people.

I have spent the last two months attempting to waste as much toilet paper as I can every time I go to the bathroom.  Because it's so thin and so hard.  It's so bad that sometimes I think to myself in PUBLIC restrooms "wow, this is softer then that crap at my house".  Like how is that even possible?

Worst yet, we have had LOTS of people over to our house in the last two months (holiday parties, graduation parties, etc.).  So I'm sure it hasn't just been me that has noticed it - my sister even commented on it (probably one of the few people that had the guts to say something like that to me, but much appreciated).

Literally on Saturday of this weekend, the tide FINALLY passed in our master bathroom and the thin, hard toilet paper ran out and I couldn't have been more excited to take out the nice, soft, quilted toilet paper.  You have no idea how much better it is going to the bathroom.  It's crazy.

The SOFT stuff

The HARD stuff (yes, you have to unwrap the individual rolls)

I'm still waiting for the rolls of the hard stuff to run out in the downstairs guest bathroom - so maybe I should pee there more or in all reality just let Charlie keep pulling it when he tries.  That would be a fast solution to my problem.

You know what a faster solution would be?  Just throw them all away.  But unfortunately I'm a cheap sake and cannot do that.  So instead, hopefully it only lasts a week until the thin stuff runs out (there is only one thin roll of toilet paper left - OMG!).

I know this is a weird thing to post but it has seriously been consuming my bathroom thinking - it's crazy.  Everywhere {bathroom} I go I think about the toilet paper and compare it to the thin toilet paper I bought.  It's a weird thing to consume my mind, but it's amazing what a difference it makes.

So there you go, the random thought from me this Wednesday.

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