Friday, January 10, 2014

Five on Friday in 2014! we are.  Almost 2 weeks into 2014 and I'm finally blogging.  I got lots of catch up posts in while we were in Florida and I had some downtime in the morning when my dad would go on a walk with Charlie each morning but ever since we got back from Florida a little over a week ago it's been like...crazy town!!  Let's get ready for a fun and busy 2014.  


I'm linking up with DarciAprilChristina and Natasha gain for a Five on Friday full of randomness!


Welp, this mama started her new job a week ago today.  After 5 years at Hallmark, I've moved on to an exciting new job in the stock market!!  No, I'm not trading, still a financial analyst, but let me tell you.  I'm loving it already.  Can't wait to see everything that 2014 has to bring in this role and at this company.'s amazing how awesome it feels to have half the commute AND leave between 4 and 4:30 everyday and be DONE.  Nope - cannot even take my computer home.

That part is heaven.  Charlie and I have had some fun with that extra hour and a half we have together!!  Now we just need nice weather to go along with that!


Did I mention that we went to Florida and back?!?!?  Well - it's time a whole other post on that that (coming soon), but we had a blast and am so thankful for a chance to get away and get out of the COLD and crazy Kansas weather!!  Thanks mom and dad for the awesome Christmas present!!  Here we all are on our way there and Charlie's first plane trip!!


I have a fun new toy in my kitchen that was a graduation present...and I've already had some fun with it!!  I feel like most people have one of these baby's - so if you have any fun recipes or things you like to make with a Kitchen Aid (or attachments that I need) - I will take the advice!!!  I cannot wait to use it more.  What a great graduation present!!


 Charlie Carter is a boy of routine.

He is still not back to "normal" from getting home.  I'm hoping that he's been back at school for a week it will get better, because we are ALL tired.  He slept decent on the trip, but the minute we got home, he got a double ear infection and pretty much that whole sleeping 10-11 hours a night went away.  And let me tell you what - that hurts every family member.  His crying is no fun and even going in there to console him has stopped we just let him cry until he falls back asleep.  Poor baby, poor parents.

But he's still freaking adorable.  So we'll keep him!!


What's next in 2014?  Well in the near future with my "free time", I will be heading to Home Depot to make this beauty for my sweet Charlie.  He's obsessed with me holding him and wanting to help with EVERYTHING.  So I'm about ready to build two of these beauties.  One for the kitchen and one for his bathroom so he can climb up and brush his teeth (new obsession) and wash his hands.

I love the post that Kim from the Newlywoodwards did on it and it totally inspired me to get my butt in gear.  I cannot wait to get started!!

My back cannot either because this kid always wants to be carried and he's HEAVY!

Looking forward to a fun night at a high school girl's dinner out and then some fun with friends and kids tomorrow!  Hope you are too!

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