Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday is here!

Can you believe it that Friday now actually is FRIDAY for me again since I'm back to work on Fridays now??  Well - here we go!
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I swear - babies.  They just get me.  I cannot handle the cuteness.

Even better when she's your baby and you get to snuggle with her and let her sleep on you and get her to smile and coo at you.  This age is just so fun!


Birth announcements...FINALLY got in the mail last week.

I've had them for awhile but just taking the time to slap address labels and stamps seemed to take forever (and also a few notes in some of them!).  Was so happy to send these out for our little lady!


FALL weather.  Oh my.

As we are busting out our warm weather clothes, we quickly realized on Sunday morning that Charlie needs some new pants for sure.  This little man is SO long and tall (90 percentile) that his pants are so short.  Needless to say, Maddie and I went shopping for him yesterday!!  So fun.  I still love boy clothes a lot.

Maddie is rocking pants and long sleeves in style though and we are sifting through the boxes of hand me down clothes and presents from people still - girlfriend has enough clothes!


Speaking of fall!  Our front door makeover is finally complete (a new coat of some yellow paint and a new - not gold - lock on the door) and I love it.  Makes me so happy looking at our door!

And my mom gave my sister and I think fall basket and I finally got it hung up with some fake flowers.  I love it!!  Bring on the cooler temps now!


We have a busy weekend ahead and I cannot wait.  Like I said, after this week, I am realizing more and more just how much I need to enjoy the time with my sweet family and not stress about little things that don't matter.  So that's what I'm going to do - from a fall festival to a family fun run, we have fun times ahead!

Hope you do as well - happy Friday!

Ok sorry- a sixth random thing.  I ordered 2 5x7s of this school picture because its hilarious.  What do you think?!?

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  1. <3 the yellow door! And that school pic is a classic!

  2. Maddie is a total mini you! Do people tell you that? I totally see you in her! And I still haven't gotten out birth announcements either! They are sitting on my kitchen table just waiting to be addressed. I LOVE your front door!! Such a pretty yellow! And that last picture is just awesome :)