Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Go Royals!

Big news from Kansas City- the royal's baseball team is in the playoffs for first time since 1985.  That is the year I was born.  So I was a little younger than Maddie is when this happened last.

Needles to say, Jimmy is in absolute heaven.  Like a kid in a candy store...only he's 30.  While he will be attending the wild card game tonight at Kaufmann Stadium with his brothers and dad, I'm takin care of the kiddos and will be missing my church meeting tonight.  But yes, I understand how much this means to him.  So it's all good.

Since we won't be taking our kids anywhere to celebrate this momentous occasion, when I heard that Slugger (the Royal's mascot) was coming into ring the closing bell at BATS (where I work) on Monday afternoon- I decided I should take my kids.  Yes, I took my kids into work in my last day of maternity leave...I'm crazy, but I really wanted to get their picture with Slugger.  And we did just that!!

Charlie is not too impressed at first.  I apparently am!!

But then he decided to give him a high five!!

Slugger really liked Maddie! He was playing peekaboo with her and tickled her toes!!

When slugger left...Charlie went straight to work.  Well that was after I had to take away his "drum sticks" aka mini baseball bats in fear he might break a conference room or office window.  Then he didn't want to leave my desk.  Trust me buddy, it's not THAT exciting.  He wouldn't put my calculator down.

Then we hit up Costco where it was Charlie's heaven because the samples they had were salad (his fav), hashbrowns (um absolute fav) and popcorn and veggie sticks.  Score for him and mom!!

You would think after getting tubes, he'd be tired.  Nope.  Entertained his sister with tickle monster!!

So the royals are currently beating to A's 3-2 and hopefully they will keep it up in the later innings.  But as we all know...win or lose the Carter boys will have a blast!!!

Let's just hope for their sake that they win!!

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  1. What a game it was! Thanks Mama for toughing out another night alone with the kiddos! What a memory!