Monday, September 15, 2014


Oh my - this weekend was good.

After a longish week that included lots of transitions (i.e. Maddie going to day care Tuesday and Friday with mom going into the office AND dad starting a new job)..I thought it might be BAD when Friday ended with a trip to the doctor.  However, after a looksie at Charlie (he had a fever at daycare and bad, yucky poop), no ear infection (yeah!) and no strep (even more yeah!).  Just got sent home with TLC, water and ibuprofen prescription.  Which I will take!

But guess what?  Saturday and Sunday were looking up.

The three of us spent the morning hanging out at home while Jimmy went to work the ACT.  We watched Tarzan, took silly pictures, played trains and beat on some drums to make some sick music.  And we danced to TSwift's Shake it Off like 5 times.  Amazing.

Then I got everyone (but myself) ready for the day and we headed to the park to enjoy the BEAUTIFUL weather.  Seriously.  It was amazing.

Then Jimmy showed up to play at the end and Charlie enjoyed hanging with his dad.

While I hung with this sweet girl!

After nap time - we busted out the new double stroller and headed to the zoo.  

I went back and forth and back and forth on what double stroller to get.  We actually ordered the Graco double stroller but got the wrong one that didn't connect with our infant seat (oops).  Luckily Amazon is amazing and let us box it back up and send it back.  I ended up going with the Baby Trend sit and stand after Maddie and I went on Thursday to Babies R Us to check it out in store and make sure her car seat fits.  I liked it because A) it wasn't that expensive at all ($139) and B) I don't need 2 seats because Charlie literally hates strollers.  So I was hoping the bend and place to stand would be a hit.  Jimmy assembled during nap time and boom - it was a hit that afternoon at the zoo.

Charlie especially liked that he could sit or stand and wasn't strapped in.  And could easily get in and out to go look at the animals.  I enjoyed the fact that he liked sitting versus fighting with us constantly.  And Maddie?  Well she's just wonderful all around and actually laid in her carrier about 3/4 of the time.  After a diaper change and quick snack for her, little lady was happy.  

Jimmy was super dad carrying the backpack and pushing the stroller.

MAD that we missed the first train.  Oops.

Train selfie.

Best part about the gold membership at the zoo?  Unlimited carousel and train/tram rides.  I mean this kid loves the animals at the zoo - but seriously, those rides are his favorite.  Oh and the Kid's Discovery Zone with the slides - yes, that is his new jam.

My parents and sister and Casey came over Saturday night and I whipped up Mix and Match Mama's Green Chile Chicken baked tacos.  They were delicious and SO easy - however, I will chop up the green onions next time - I didn't like the full green onion on the bottom because it was impossible to chew!

Sunday we kicked off the day at church...where Charlie is now in the bigger kids room (OMG - I cry) and Maddie is still doing great hanging out with us and napping during the service.

Then the typical naps and we got dressed to root for the Chiefs again.  Maddie and her outfits.  I love it.  As much work and stress as it is - it's worth how cute she is!  Too bad it didn't help the team.

Spent time at Jimmy's parents house playing with cousins and having so much fun and eating way too much candy.

Another update?  Jimmy finally got a bit of time to work on the table/bench.  It should be done by Thanksgiving #diywithkids #projectstake5months

Overall - I really enjoyed spending time with the babes and Jimmy and our families.  Seriously, these kids just grow up so fast - I'm trying to soak up every moment with them.  Going back to work full time is going to be a challenge for sure - so I'm thankful we get to ease into it with just a few days a week for the next few weeks.  There is just not enough time in the day!!

On that note - I have SO many posts I want to do and SO many projects to complete.  But I am just trying to realize that time is not unlimited and I do need to sleep, so babies and sleep are priorities right now.  Soon enough!!

Hope you had a great weekend!
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  1. Love Taylor's new song!!! Can't help but smile every time I hear it! And I just pinned that same recipe of M&M Mama's last week! Definitely on our dinner menu in the next few weeks! (I swear we're like the same person...)

  2. What a fun weekend! Happy that Charlie was OK :) We just renewed our zoo membership and I cannot wait to go!