Monday, September 8, 2014

Maddie is TWO months old!

Haha - your sweet little pose!  I love it!

Length:  24.25 in (98th %)

Weight:  12 lbs 13oz (90th %)

Head: 15.5 in (90th %)

Miss Maddie - while you were officially 2 months old last Thursday - I wanted to wait until we went to your 2 month doctor's appointment (at your NEW pediatrician) on Monday.  All before you start day care tomorrow (oh my!).  So here we go, better late than never, right?

  • It's so fun that you follow things and focus more.  
  • You SMILE!  Oh my goodness I forget how adorable a sweet little gummy smile is!!  And how it comes at just the right time in baby development because after 2 months girlfriend - we needed it!
  • This month you performed magic with your sleep.  I really mean it because your dad and I didn't do anything too different...but you will go 6-8 hour stretches quite regularly. What stinks- which I know this the second time around - is that you will have good nights/weeks and bad nights/weeks.  So it makes it harder to get up after you have done so well!!
  • We are still struggling with the temperature in your room.  We even had a heating and AC guy come out and check it out - looks like some of the vents have holes in them on the way to your room - so your dad got some stuff to fix it...just needs to find time to do it. For now, you are still in the rock n play in our room - but when you're at home with me during the day I've been putting you in your room to nap and you're doing great!
  • Yesterday you officially moved up to size 2 diapers.  I forget how fast little babies grow!!
  • I literally just spent the day going through your drawers and closet putting away all the newborn and 0-3 month clothes.  You are SOOOO long that all the PJs don't fit that have toes in them.  Silly girl!!
  • You still haven't lost your any hair yet, which is great - but guess what?  It's a RED tint!  Oh my gosh!!
  • Oh the silly bottle.  You are not a fan getting it from your dad, but others seem to give it to you just fine.  I'm interested to see how you do tomorrow - yes (TOMORROW!) at day care.  I know you will do great.

Things you like:

  • You are still just a fabulous eater!  Still very efficient and in the words of your new doctor - you are MORE than thriving.  Since you are sleeping so long at night, we are doing 2 to 2.5 hours between feedings during the day.  Lady - I'll do more during the day if you sleep!!
  • Guess what?  You still love being held.  When you sleep we are working on trying to put you down more but you are just so dang cute!!!  
  • Still cannot get enough of our Ergo...I love that you love the closeness.  Again, the cooler temperatures make wearing the Ergo better.
  • You and Charlie.  Haha.  He's starting to say "mine" to everything, but is still pretty sweet with you.
  • Loving that pacifier still!!
  • Ok so you made the switch this month and guess what?  You love the bath!  I don't know if we finally found a routine that works for you or what, but you just sit and stare while we rub you down.  I'm so happy because screaming baby in a bath is no fun.

Things you don't like:
  • You still hate the car seat.  If we can catch you on the routine (eat-wake-sleep) when you are tired, you do fine in the car.  Like when we drove all the way to Oklahoma and you didn't really cry.  Then you slept the WHOLE way back.  So yeah, you hate it, but on longer distances like it!
  • Still not a fan of the swaddle - but now you are officially a one arm out girl and we are going with it.  Crazy to think in just a month or so it will be time to move you to the sleep sack.  Time is flying!

Special memories:
  • Getting our family together for your great-grandmother and great-granddaddy's 60th wedding anniversary! Loved seeing everyone and they loved getting to meet you.
  • Your first road trip to Oklahoma - you did great and it was so fun!  James is having a little brother in December that you will show the ropes to soon!
  • Your first smile and sweet laugh.
  • Your first long night of sleep - heavenly!
  • Our days together.  Just us.  I love it.  I'm so sad that it is coming to an end.  But so so thankful for the time that we have had together!! 

A note to our girl:

Second month is over already - I cannot believe it.  It kind of makes me really sad.  I am already wanting you to stay little.  And guess what? You are finally getting to spend some more time with your dad (after your crazy brother goes to bed!) and he's very very excited that you don't scream when he holds you.  I can already see you becoming a daddy's girl - you are smiling and laughing at him a lot!!

Tomorrow I go back to work - just part time in September, but that means it is your first day at day care.  I know you will be in EXCELLENT care.  And I have told Charlie like 14 times to go check on you.  Best yet?  Tomorrow is picture day at school.  On your first day!  And they take sibling pictures.  Oh my.  I cannot wait.

The doctor said today that the fun is just beginning and she is so right.  This next month I cannot wait to see you continue to transform into a sweet little girl.  It's crazy how fast you are changing and we love every minute of this life with you!  You make our family so fun and we love how flexible you are when we run you around everywhere.  You have had so many fun experiences already and so many more to come!!!!

Your parents


Just for fun - here is Charlie and Maddie's TWO month side by side picture.

And some fun pictures from the month:

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  1. That smile is so stinkin' sweet! And YAY for sleeping 6 to 8 hour stretches!!!!! Ready for a third yet?? :)

    1. Haha Sarah you're funny! But actually if you could guarantee me that all of them would be like her in the early baby stages - I'd take four more :) Ha! But Charlie was nothing like her eating or sleeping - so makes me nervous. I want a few more - but not for a few years. My body needs a break!!!