Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Oklahoma over Labor Day

Here's the thing.  With a baby - it's easier to just sit in your house.  Especially when little lady wants to eat every 2 hours (which again, I'm fine with bc she sleeps at night - even trade Maddie!!!).

But throw in a toddler and sitting at home can get a bit boring - even if you have 17,000 toys.  Trust me when I say you can only watch Tarzan so many times.  

So with a long weekend of Labor Day that Jimmy had Monday off, we decided to pack up our van for the first time as a family of four and head down south to Owasso, Oklahoma to visit my best friend from way back when, Katie, and her family.  She has a sweet little boy, James, that is just 6 months younger than Charlie is expecting another little boy at the beginning of December!!  Lauren, Charlie and I made the trip down to Oklahoma earlier this year in February (here's that fun post here), with Maddie in utero.  This time was a bit different with her in the world, but just as fun!!

We headed on the road about 4:30 on Friday - only 30 minutes after our 4:00 goal...so that was good!  I had a full cooler packed full of snacks and sandwiches so we didn't have to stop for dinner, and Jimmy completely made fun of me.  Well come ON we will never make it if we stopped just 1.5 hours into the trip!!

I sat in the back seat and it was perfect.  I could get stuff for Charlie, throw food and drinks to Jimmy from the cooler in the back and entertain Maddie/stick her pacifier back in if she needed it!

We just made one stop around 6:45PM in Coffeyville, KS.  And it was perfect.  Maddie needed to eat and Charlie needed to stretch his legs, so we found an awesome playground and Jimmy and Charlie went to play while I sat in the car with little Miss and fed her.  Perfect combo if I say so myself!

We finally arrived and scooted Charlie up to bed in his own room, while we got all our and Maddie's stuff ready in the other room.  Have I mentioned how much I LOVE Katie's house?  They did a custom build last year and wow - it's seriously just so gorgeous.  All the finishes and little details are just perfect!!

We stayed up late hanging out with Barry and Katie and catching up before we hit the sheets.  Everyone didn't sleep the best the first night - but the next morning, Maddie was all about the bed...haha.

James and Charlie.  They are quite the pair.  I have a feeling these two will be up to no good when they get older - just like their moms were - haha.  No really.  But I cannot even begin to say how fun it is to have a friend that I met when I was TWO years old (yes, Charlie's age!!) still be my best friend and watch our kids get to know each other and love each other.  Last time, Charlie was a little too young to realize we were on a trip, visiting James, etc.  This time - all he talked about when we left was Oklahoma and James.  He still does!  It's just such a blessing to have them in our lives and so fun to see our boys play together - next time this year it's crazy to think that Maddie and Baby boy Ruddick #2 will be playing also!

Saturday morning after breakfast, we hit up the park at the neighborhood elementary, which they loved.  Also - the boys drove to Tulsa to get us some What-a-burger....YUM!  And then that afternoon hit up the pool, which was awesome.  It was HOT!!!  So luckily there was shade for Maddie and I to hang out.  These boys after they got out of the pool wanted to run around naked.  Oh boys.

Maddie and I wore our swimsuits, but home girl passed out right when we got there, so we stayed under the fan.  Then we had to go to Target after the pool because guess what?  I packed everyone else successfully - but forgot underwear for me.  #momproblems

After some brats that we grilled out for dinner, the kiddos headed to bed and the parents followed close after.  We were all pooped!!

Sunday morning in Oklahoma when it's like 100 degrees - what else do you do but turn on the sprinklers and run around naked??  Oh BOY they had fun.  We were laughing so hard.

Charlie HATED when the grass clippings got on him anywhere.  Diva.  James didn't mind at all and rolled around in them.  Love it!

Can't forget to mention that Katie and Barry have three dogs too (but they bought them all when they knew each other!).  Stuart might or might not be my favorite.  Don't tell.  He was basking in the sun shine perched on his chair.

Maddie and dad were just hanging out!

After that we got dressed and played some more..then it was time to head home.  

But we had to make one quick stop to get a picture of Charlie in front of Charlie's Chicken!  How fun!  We didn't eat there (we will next time), but Charlie loved it and talked about Charlie's chicken the whole way home and every time we stopped somewhere he thought that's where we were going.

Can I mention that my children were literally AMAZING in the car both ways?  Maybe it was because I had LOW expectations.  Very low.  Like I imagined screaming from both each way.  Nope, none of that at all.  Even though Maddie isn't a fan of her car seat, apparently if the car keeps moving she's fine.  She slept the WHOLE way home.  Yep - whole way.  Even through our one and only stop in Paola where I dragged her carrier into the bathroom with me for sure thinking she would wake up.  Nope, kept snoozing.  Apparently Oklahoma was exhausting for her.  Charlie napped on the way back (which was great because it was his usual nap time) and then we finally turned on the DVD with about 45 minutes to go. 

Overall - we will do it again.  I mean Maddie was a piece of cake - which I'm sure she won't stay like that for long.

But thank you Ruddick family for having us and letting us come SIT at your house for the weekend versus ours and let James and Charlie play.  We cannot wait for this sweet boy to make his way into the world and have lots of fun!

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