Saturday, December 6, 2014

7AM Saturday mornings

All you lucky people that are asleep every Saturday morning - this is a glimpse into what we are doing at the Carter household.  Or if you are awake at 7AM with your own kiddos- here's a video for you to watch and know that you are not alone with early risers!  (this was filmed after breakfast too...)

An almost 2.5 year old stomping around making noise and ripping ornaments off the tree in his cute mustache footie pajamas and a 5 month old jumping to her little heart's desire and giggling.

There are some days we would just love to sleep in (trust me), but these two little boogers are worth it.  They keep us on our feet and keep us smiling!

Except this morning we are all snuggling and hoping my foot will recover fast! Best snuggle partners a girl could ask for!!!
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  1. I cannot wait to photograph that adorable baby girl!!