Friday, February 20, 2015

Valentine's weekend fun

Guess what?  I'm doing a recap of what we did last weekend on the NEXT weekend.  yes, I'm feeling accomplished friends!!

We kicked off last Friday morning (Friday the 13th) with our annual Valentine's Day party picture in the kitchen while I'm holding Charlie...and now Maddie.

However - Charlie was NOT having it at all.  As you can tell from the picture below.  However, my sweet little girl?  She and I were all smiles! 


Here is a shot of our pictures from 2013 and 2014 - TIME FLIES.

Valentine's Day treats for school?  Ha ha.  Well, let's just say Maddie is already feeling the second child thing because there was NO way I was even going to think about making Valentine's Day cards/presents, etc. for her infant classmates.  What's funny is, when Charlie was this same age two years ago we had just started at the YMCA downtown and I had a class list of everyone's names and I went all out to make each kid a personalized treat. WHY.  Because I was seriously so excited to have my first kid's Valentine's Day and I'm pretty sure that no other parent did that and all the other parents probably secretly cursed me - as that annoying mom.  

So this year - I decided to let Charlie pick the treat.  And since Maddie had an ear infection and had to go to the doctor the night that we were planning on going to pick out his treats together - it was a dad/son trip instead.  And Scooby Doo fruit snacks is what his pick was.  And he couldn't stop talking about them for 3 days.  Oh Charlie Carter.

I searched Pinterest for an idea or a rhyme for Scooby Doo and there was nothing.  So I did this to package them up ---

and then they ate/decorated cookies at their party and danced and laughed and ate some more... is good as a 2.5 year old...

That night?  Jimmy went off to church and I hung out with my two Friday night dates.

So we took way too many funny selfies.

And mom cracked open a beer.  Because yes, it was one of those weeks.

Oh no you didn't.... 

And then Charlie began his new obsession - trying on my shoes.  This kid.  Yep, never in pants I swear.

The next morning I made my best attempt at being festive. So I made pancakes and made them pink.

They were not perfect, but guess what?  These two loved them.  

Even Maddie in Christmas PJs.  We are so cool.

Then after a bid for our backyard (umm...yeah that hit hard), my parents came over to watch the kids and off Jimmy and I went for our day date of shopping and basketball.

Our first stop was IKEA and I had a blast - but after we got about half way through...Jimmy started acting like Charlie and it became a lot less fun.  Oh men.  But we didn't leave empty handed that's for sure.  We did make it to Kohl's to get some new clothes for our kids that don't seem to stop growing and we scored some ridiculous sales.  So awesome!

And then we headed to Barley's to watch the KU game.  After months of eating super healthy, let's just say we went all out and my stomach was KILLING later in the night.  

Then we got home and of course played with/put together our new goodies!!!  So fun!  Charlie loves the craft cart and the new shelving unit for the playroom is amazing!

While not the most exciting weekend (Sunday followed up with church, grocery store, a MUCH needed pedicure and girl time with 2 of my best friends, taking dinner to a friend's house to meet a new baby and dinner at my parents), I had a great time with the people I really love and that's all that matters and it was a perfect Valentine's day weekend! 

Hope you and your Valentine(s) had a great weekend too!

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