Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day 2015!

If you haven't been following us for very long, you aren't aware that while there aren't many things I go above and beyond for due to pure lack to time/energy/etc., I do always have Halloween and Valentine's Day cards.  And guess what?  It keeps getting more fun and fun by the year with adding these kiddos to the mix.

You see, it started with the dogs in 2011 and has just blown up from there.  2013 was a real winner with my chubby Charlie as cupid.  Check them out!

This year, I had to think of how to incorporate a toddler boy and a sweet baby girl.  A quick search on Pinterest and I found my inspiration.  Then it was just finding time to get a few materials, set it up and get the kids to smile.

HA.  You think that would be easy?  Oh no.  So, of course, I procrastinated.  I actually bought the materials in a timely manner and my wonderful MIL had bought Maddie the cutest little Valentine's Day outfit that I knew she was going to wear - and guess what?  Charlie just re-wore his Valentine's Day shirt from last year.  Because (A) it still fit and (B) that's how we roll.

I picked up a semi-homemade banner from Wal-Mart, got some red lipstick, drew a sign and there you have it.  Then it was just time to get the kids all dressed and get them ready to smile.

Yeah - that was easier said that done.  So earlier this week, I finally convinced Jimmy to help me and this is what we got.  Some pretty cute and funny pictures of our sweet kiddos.  And a kissing booth.  And a crate that Maddie didn't want to share with her older brother AT ALL.

This is her saying "Get the heck off my crate"

And of course, when he gave it to her - she was very very happy.

And FINALLY showed us her kissing face!!!  Such a little ham she is.  I love her!  And that sweet little boy that was actually a very good sport!!

The next step was to assemble the card.  Normally, I go through and get the cards delivered right to the store...but that takes about 5 days or so...of course I didn't have time for that, so I used the one hour Walgreens card options again (just like I did for Halloween - seems to be a trend, eh?).  But after a coupon code, they turned out just fine!!  And while I am trying to keep the costs down (so I feel ok with keep doing this), I only sent out a few, but I'm sure our family and just a few friends were happy to get a fun little Carter family tradition in the mail!!

Plans for Valentine's Day this year?  My parents are babysitting during the day and we are going SHOPPING.  I have a list about a mile long for stuff that I want at IKEA, Target, Home Goods and Bed Bath and Beyond and then we are going to grab some lunch at a bar and Jimmy will watch the KU game (so will I!).  A good mix for the day.

Then maybe some Valentine's pizza for dinner and then to watch a niece's basketball game with the family...sounds like a GREAT day!!  Hope you have some fun plans as well!

Ps here is a glimpse of my attempt for our annual before school Valentine's Day picture.  Charlie was NOT having life at this point- such is the hard life of being 2.5??!

And a blast from the past to show you how fast things change!!

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