Saturday, October 3, 2015

A good mom knows.....

This last week was rough.  The days were long.  Work is crazy.  Jimmy left for a conference in California on Sunday morning.  My parents and sister went to California on Tuesday morning.  

My kids - well we had a fun time, but then there were moments like this...

Well actually lots of them.  The hardest part was getting up and out of the door before 7AM every morning.  I am not usually the one that gets them to school because I'm usually at work around 7:15AM everyday.  Boy oh boy, seriously.  Harder than getting through grad school I swear.  Normal weeks it wouldn't be the end of the world if I was late but unfortunately I had an 8 am meetkng almost everyday with our London team - so I was always stressing trying to get everyone out on time!

Come Thursday when Jimmy got home - I just needed a break. Sitting at work that day I knew it.  Then I saw this article that was posted on - I took this screen shot and sent to Jimmy. 

It was an awesome much needed article on a normal day. But on that day I needed so much to hear that "Good mothers know when they need a break and take one...."

So guess what I did?  I booked a ticket to see a movie on Friday after work.  


I have never ever done that before.  Ever.  But you know what?  It was amazing.

I enjoyed watching The Intern (which I really did like besides some not so favorable reviews).  I drank a beer.  And I had a salad. 

By myself.

And you know what?  That was just what I needed.  I needed some downtime.  When I was driving home, I couldn't get home fast enough to put my sweet boy to bed (I figured that Maddie would already be in bed and she was).  

So yes, it is true, that a good mom knows when you need a break - and takes one.  And there is of course a good dad (or partner, support, etc) behind that good mom to watch their kids and give them that break and realize how important it is. So thank you, Jimmy.

What do you do for your "break"?

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