Saturday, October 31, 2015

Pumpkin patch X 2


What better day than ever to post about our fun at the pumpkin patch this year?

So this year we went to the pumpkin patch TWICE.  Which seriously makes Jimmy oh so happy.  LOL.  Ok not really.  Because Jimmy is not a fan of activities like this - but I drag him to them anyway and he somehow plays along.  Good husband, right?

We had nothing to do on a warm afternoon in early October and I was interested in trying out a different (and FREE!) pumpkin patch (Schaaake's pumpkin patch) that my SIL had told us about just 20 minutes does the road in Lawrence, KS.  While we go with the Matlocks each year, I knew we would be making another visit - but I also know that October weather in KS in just in case....we packed our crew up and headed down the road to see what it was all about.

It was a bit crowded, but I love that they had a free hayride out to the actual patch and we got to run around and pick out pumpkins.  The kiddos LOVED it! Perfect weather.

This right here makes me so thankful that we (A) live in Kansas/midwest and have beautiful land like this and (B) makes us want to move out of our neighborhood and buy some land and plop down on this beautiful Earth.  Maybe some day, right?! 

It was a good trip and a great (warm) way to kick off a busy busy October.

Then when it was FINALLY a little bit cooler - we set a date and time and headed back to Schaake's pumpkin patch with the Matlock family.  So fun!!!

We played on the play sets they have there for a while and the kids ran around...then we hopped on the hay ride to go out to the pumpkin patch and check out what they had left!!!

Daddy's girl :)

And the cutest little Matlock family!!  Mae will be here in no time!

When we got out there, the boys went WILD.  They were running all around the patch and actually ran so far that we had to yell at them to come back.  Luckily they were headed in the direction AWAY from the strip club that is next to the property (the outhouse - don't ask Jimmy how he knows about that...might have been too much fun in his college days...)

Maddie wanted the HUGE pumpkin!

Love my girl and my NEW scarf.  Got it from Nordstrom Rack.  Seriously - go buy it!  I think I first saw Lizzie from This Happy Life post about it and I had to go see if I could find it there!

And look at this amazing shot that Emily got of our family at the patch!!!

And three of the kiddos (with a fourth in Emily's tummy!)

Us and our kids - not sure why my legs are wide open.  Lol.

Here's a fun little throwback to 2012 too!!


and 2014:

After the trip, Jimmy asked if we wanted to check out the newly opened Jefferson's restaurant.  (It burned down and they put it all back together, which is awesome!!).   OF COURSE I said yes because who doesn't love wings?!?!?

Maddie liked playing with the markers!

AND guess what?  We know have "our" table at the Jefferson's in Lawrence with our Carter dollar bill that we decorated!!!

Oh and on top of the delicious food - we found out that Maddie LOVES ranch.  Like so much.  So much.

After a fun day at the patch + delicious lunch....the kids were pooped and fell fast asleep.

Here's to hoping that they sleep this soundly tonight after all their SUGAR from trick or treating!!

Happy Halloween friends!!  Can't wait to see everyone's pictures of their kiddos and family's from Halloween!


  1. Ok, I know if we lived closer we would totally be friends! And I know our husbands would get along just fine too LOL! Rick happily obliges to all of my "outings" even though it's probably the last place he wants to be, especially on a Sunday during football season, ha ha!

    And thanks for the shout out! The scarf looks great on you!

    Maddie eating ranch = awesome! So cool you guys got to decorate a dollar and put it up at that restaurant! I hope you guys had a great Halloween!

  2. I love the pumpkin patch pictures! Your family is so cute!!!!

  3. Love the photos through the years and love that family photo of you!!!!