Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Halloween PJs!!!

Halloween PJs.  And link ups.

I'm a sucker.  And even more fun when you have two kiddos to "match" them up with.  I tried to get on this earlier than later because I knew it would catch up on me (like everything) and I would be scrambling to get some pictures in them because as you know, October flies by!

So we put them in them on a Friday night and then Saturday morning Jimmy made our family the normal and delicious full breakfast...then it was picture time!

I mean SO cute - but of course no one will smile together.  Such is life!!

I love the way she looks at him - nothing like a big brother.

Then I finally got some smiles from these two silly kiddos.

Yep - it's awesome that they glow in the dark.  Charlie LOVES them and Maddie looks great in them.

 But the best part?  The way these two interact.  Yep, love them.

What about your kids?  Do you get Halloween PJs?  
(PS I bought mine at Walmart because that's how we roll...)

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