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What's up Wednesday - October?!

So I blogged a total of 3 times in October so far (counting this post) and two of them were this link up.  Ha.

I am joining this fun "What's up Wednesday" link up on the last Wednesday of the month with some of my FAVORITE bloggers.  Mix and Match FamilyPinterest Told Me To and the Larson Lingo.

What we are eating this week...

NEXT week we are getting back on track with our meal planning (i.e. I'm actually going to be more diligent with this).  But this week hasn't been TOO bad....

Monday - I seriously don't remember Monday (OMG!  Losing my mind)
Tuesday - Jimmy made the kids fish sticks and I stood up eating a few
Wednesday (tonight!) - I was a little more on teh ball and took a delicious brown sugar salmon HyVee freezer meal out of the freezer and into the fridge before work.  It was DELICIOUS!  And Maddie even ate lots of green beans (crazy!)
Thursday - Pot Roast from the 1/2 cow we bought
Friday - CostCo pizza and hot dogs at our Royals party
Saturday - Soup at a neighbors house before we trick or treat!

What I'm reminiscing about...

It doesn't seem possible that this will be our THIRD Halloween in this house.

Two years ago, we had a Charlie Brown (and gang) and only went to a few houses because our 15 month old was, well 15 months old. (I was also pregnant, but had no idea I was!)

Last year, we dressed up as Toy Story characters...but Maddie was almost 4 months old and it was COLD!  But still - she was sooooo little!

And this year?  Two full blown kids/ninja turtles who cannot wait to trick or treat and a handful of neighbors to FINALLY hang out with.

What I'm loving...

Last month I said I was loving that the Royals were headed to the playoffs.  And guess what?!?  The won the playoffs and are currently in the WORLD SERIES versus the Mets!  How awesome!?

What's super fun is that I got to go to the game where they won and were headed to the World Series with work and sat in the Crown Club again.  Seriously amazing!!!!

Even better when another coworker that gets a ticket that night is a good friend.  Amy and I had a blast!!!  Was so cool being there for the win and so close to see all the players kids and families come down!!

What we've been up to....


Someone please clue me in.  Or wait.....DON'T.  Because I think the answer is "in about 20 years" when your kids are grown.  I mean for heaven's sake.  The madness has just begun, huh?

Work has been crazy for both Jimmy and I.  He has traveled a few times, I traveled to NY in the last month, he's still coaching football (ALMOST over!) constantly, we are staying busy with social events, church and everything in between dealing with fall in general.

In summary, a lot (which more recap posts to come on that because I don't want to miss out on these recaps!).  But life is good - crazy, but good.  And Maddie got boots with the fur and they are amazing.

What I'm dreading...

I'm dreading the now with our THREENAGER.  Charlie man.  Whew.  He's exhausting us all!!

I posted this picture on Instagram this morning with the following caption.

"Charlie: age 3.25. The age when parenting got much harder.  Send advice.  Send prayers.  Send booze.  The attitude, fighting, crying, screaming with us starts at 5am and starts back up at 5pm.  Last 3 days have made me want to run away to my own island".

Of course, my friends were so amazing and commented that 3 is HARD and all of those with kiddos the same age are going through it too or if their kids are older it has gotten better.  But my oh my.  I'm dreading what this next 3/4 of a year looks like if we really have to wait until when he turns 4 for it to get better!!

What I've been working on....

Attempting to find balance in all the madness.

But the unfinished paint in Charlie's room (nope, still not done...) and the painted furniture that just needs a seal WILL be done next week because we are having visitors come stay with us - YEAH!!  Wassingers.  Cannot wait!  But get it done!

What I'm excited about...


The kiddos both have school parties on Friday afternoon, but my work also has our annual "spooktacular" where all the kids come in and trick or treat around the office. I gave Charlie the option and he said he really wanted to go to my work (which I wasn't too surprised because he thinks the only thing I do is trick or treat and hang out with Slugger - Royals mascot - at work because those are the only two times he has been there!).  So we are skipping school parties and partying at the stock exchange!

Saturday will be busy with our neighborhood fun and parade before trick or treating and a little dinner with Kate's family (Charlie's BFF that lives down the street)...then trick or treating. 

I am excited that we will be participating in the teal pumpkin project this year as well and have some non-food/candy items for those kids with food allergies.  Very neat!

Add caption

What I'm watching/reading...

Lately I have been super busy with work so I haven't been able to read a ton (other than all my presentations and spreadsheets- ha!).  But I have been keeping up on my DVR.

Nashville is so good!  And Blood & Oil - I'm really liking.

But Scandal took a whole new turn and I cannot wait to see where that AND How to Get Away with Murder end up - AHHH!!

Oh and we have had the Royals games on constantly - duh.

What I'm listening to...

Just a little bit of everything these days!

What I'm wearing...

So I finally gave in - and got Stitch Fix!!!

I know right?  A little late to the game.  I actually just decided to bite the bullet and sign up when one of my new coworkers EVERYDAY I told her that he clothes were cute and asked where she got that shirt and she said "from stitch fix".  

I got it the Monday I got back from NY and was so excited I tried everything on immediately even though I had a ton to do to unpack, etc.  I really liked a lot of the clothes (didn't take a picture of everything).  A few things to note: the jeans they sent were too big and far too expensive for what I'd pay (unless they were a perfect fit!).  I got 3 shirts/sweaters.  I ended up keeping this one:

But I also really like this navy sweater - like a LOT.  I debated keeping it, but just couldn't decide if I liked the buttons on the back or not (all the way down) and at $70...if I didn't love it and want to wear it like every week...then nope!  These are the awkward pictures that I sent my sister to get her advice! My final item was a necklace, which I wasn't a huge fan of!

Overall?  I ended up ordering another one that is coming in a few weeks.  I liked just trying them on in my house and it was a good variety.  I liked mostly everything that my stylist picked out...but the price.  So I gave that feedback and we will see what she comes up with next time.  The shirt that I did keep was actually a size up from what I put for shirts because she said others had said that it ran small - which it did so I really appreciated that!!!

What I'm doing this weekend...

I already have said this a few times - but Friday night Royals party, Saturday is Halloween...but what I haven't mentioned is that on Sunday we are hosting a little post-Halloween get together with my Pi Phi college friends.  The last time I had all these girlies and their kids over, this was the picture we got.  I'm interested to see what this looks like on Sunday - but the kids are SO much bigger now and there are SO many more!!!!

(Little Luke on the far right just turned TWO!)

And POSSIBLY celebrating a World Series win!?!!?

What I'm looking forward to next month....

November!  I love November!
  1. Royals WORLD SERIES (crossing fingers for a WIN!!!)
  2. Visit from some good friends and their kiddos
  3. Checking out the new Breakout KC with the Carter adult clan
  4. Celebrating my sister's birthday
  5. THANKSGIVING - I LOVE Thanksgiving! (and Christmas shopping)
Also looking forward to getting back on track with working out daily (have been kind of, but not as consistently as I'd like) and eating better.  And with our finances/budget.  Have to get it in check again, especially with the holidays coming up!!

What else is new...

Let's just stick to nothing new for a little bit, OK!?

Bonus: Favorite Thanksgiving recipe?

Ok this might sound like a weird one, I know...but seriously.  It's my favorite thing my mom makes ever.  Jimmy thinks it is so weird, but again, I love it.  Cheese on jello and all.

Apricot-Orange Jello salad.

Check out a version of the recipe here (minus the nuts).  It's not exactly like my mom's recipe that has been passed down but it's so dang delicious.
Apricot-Orange Gelatin Salad
Photo credit

GO ROYALS (again!)

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  1. So much to say! How freaking awesome you were at the game that sent the Royals to the WS!? Our Cubs totally choked!!

    The kids costumes this year - LOVE!!! They are getting so big!

    And I hate to say it, but 3 was a breeze compared to 4! LOL! Well, really 4 1/2 is when it got super hard...5 was going ok but now we're back in the defiant stage, *sigh*

    Oh and I love love that blue sweater! You make me want to try this whole stitch fix thing!