Friday, October 30, 2015

Halloween 2015 - TURTLE POWER!

Happy early HALLOWEEN!!!  Are you excited that it's finally tomorrow?!

This year's family costume was easier said than done.  Why?  Because having a three year old that actually has an opinion that is hard to sway is easier said than done.  He originally wanted to be Gru from Despicable Me...then Maddie was going to be a Minion, I was going to be Lucy, Toby was the minion dog and Jimmy...he was El Macho.  this was all per Charlie.  

That kid.  HOwever, Jimmy as El Macho would have been freaking awesome.

As I was ordering costumes for that....I quickly realized after receiving the adult size Gru mask from Amazon that didn't even fit Jimmy or I that I was going to have to convince him to be something else.  Because he wasn't going to wear the Gru mask and without the mask it's a little difficult to even tell what he is.  

I got creative.  He is pretty much obsessed with Ninja Turtles as well.  So when I told him I would also buy him the weapon to accompany his outfit - he was in.  He wanted to be Raphael...but long story short I got all the rest of our shirts off Amazon (like Charlie's costume) and I wasn't about to get one that wasn't Prime shipping.  The only 2T one for Maddie that was Prime shipping was of course Raphael.  So I convinced him that purple was the coolest color ever (it pretty much is) and Donatello was the choice!!  Funny how that works out ;)

As usual, we took our annual Halloween card photo shoot in our backyard.  This time we got to sit on our new amazing stairs too!!  

We just got a little bit into it with the homemade masks and everything too!  Oh and our weapons and hand gestures.  But seriously so fun.  And who doesn't love a good ninja turtle?

Since Maddie has no choice - I had to girly hers up a bit and took a stab at my first homemade tutu.  It was more intimidating than I thought, but once I got a plan, it was super easy and turned out great!!  She loves it too!! 

And to the 2015 cards!!  It get harder and harder for me to spend $$ on these each year and they don't seem to be getting cheaper (hello one of the reasons it was nice to work at Hallmark...employee discounts!), so I'm sorry if you didn't get one, but I hardly ordered any this year!!

But thank goodness for the Internet, right!?

I was actually somewhat on the ball this year with these costumes (even Toby's Master Splinter robe aka brown fabric), so I had a little more selection options then in years past because I could wait for them to be printed and then delivered versus the need to pick up in the store in one hour.  And thank goodness because I got these from Walgreens and they were SO much better than the in store ones that were perforated on the sides (AH!).

Check out our Halloween cards from year's past as well:

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One of the saddest parts was not having our full family with us like we did last year.  Milly and Willy were sorely missed this year for Halloween fun, but I'm sure they are looking at all the fun from doggy heaven and eating all the dog cookies they want!

My sister and Casey came over to snap some of these pictures....which are always way easier said than done.  The final pictures turn out good, but the in between?  Hilarious and must be documented!

Maddie and Charlie both refused to put their masks on!!!

But she really wanted to hold it!!!

However, there was no shortage of ninja moves from Jimmy!

They don't' sit when you tell them to sit either.  Funny how that works!!

But they still look pretty cute and are very much in character (as Charlie tries to fight Maddie with his weapon!)

When I said go get Master Splinter aka Toby aka "Sensei", they were all for it.  Toby was not that into it on the other hand.  I wonder why.

Then the hooligans ran over to chill in their chairs.

So of course I tried to get the masks back on...but no one wanted that.  

So we just tried to smile.

Wishing you and your family's the best Halloween - safe and fun!!!  That's the best combination. 



  1. Love the costumes!! You did great on that tutu, and Jimmy's moves, LOL! :)

    1. Haha the tutu was surprisingly easy!!! And Jimmy got way more into it than I thought :)