Sunday, October 4, 2015

What's up Wednesday - from September (and on a Sunday)!

Ok - so yeah, I missed the official last Wednesday of September.  But yeah, last Wednesday I was busy - so sue me.  This link up is too much fun not to do (and I figured if Sarah can do hers a day late, I can do mine a few late too - right?!  Thanks Sarah!)

I am joining this fun "What's up Wednesday" link up on the last Wednesday of the month with some of my FAVORITE bloggers.  Mix and Match FamilyPinterest Told Me To and the Larson Lingo.

What we are eating this week...


I'm skipping this one.  This week we either had peanut butter sandwiches, soup and macaroni.

Dad was out of town, so sue me!

What I'm reminiscing about...

How can it already be October again??

It's hard to believe how fast a year has gone and how we had a tiny little baby girl and a little tow year old boy.  This is a picture of my sister and I with our kiddos at our church festival last year.  

Now we have these two crazies running around the pumpkin patch!!!

AND a FIFTEEN month old (today).  Sheesh - I need to keep up on my monthly posts.  That sweet girl keeps getting older and bigger and sweeter.  Love her so much!!!!

What I'm loving...

Who doesn't love fall?  

I am already loving all the football, cooler mornings, sweaters, jeans and boots and cute kids clothes (because yes, my kids grow like weeds!). 

I'm also loving the Royal's headed to the playoffs!!!  Can you believe it?  Maybe we will have another Blue October like we did last year.  I need to get Charlie a new Royal's shirt though because his fits Maddie now!

What we've been up to....

Oh my - I did a post to sum up the last month.  But luckily, things have somewhat slowed down and I've gotten a second to breathe.  I'm enjoying the breaths because when Halloween hits, the next thing you know it will be Thanksgiving and then Christmas - AHHH!!!  Time flies!!

Also, I've been having some fun being part of the Skinny Mom Resident Mom program and thinking of some fun blog posts to write for that program and  Check out my post that was published last month about working out at home here!

What I'm dreading...

While I do love fall - I really despise putting coats on and off my kiddos.  So yeah, that's what I'm dreading right now.  

But at least they have cute fall clothes, right??  Maddie's boots kill me (awesome hand me down from a neighbor!)

What I've been working on....

Is it sad that we are STILL trying to get Charlie's room painted?   Yes, his "big boy" car room is still in progress.  All we need to do now is just put the seal on the furniture and move it in.  I'm having issues with the hardware though because some of them are like 6 inches wide and for the hardware I want for the drawers that is hard to find and no time to go hunting for it!

However, he doesn't seem to mind  :)

What I'm excited about...

The holidays and spending time this fall with good friends and family.  

Speaking of!  I got to meet Landon Ryan, my best friend, Lauren's new son on Sunday.  He's perfect and so sweet and I'm just so happy for her and David.  She's such a wonderful mom!  I can't wait to help spoil this sweet boy!!

What I'm watching/reading...

You know what fall means??!?!  That means new shows!!

It was a great couple weeks of awesome shows.

I'm loving my favorites still -

How to get away with murder, Scandal and Nashville

With a few new shows that I like - 

Blood & Oil and Quantico on Sunday nights.

And I am still reading - which I love.  My neighborhood has a woman's bible study/book club and I'm reading along with them this amazing book 

What I'm listening to...

Pandora at work....

Either Megan Trainor station or I'm loving Old Dominion lately.

My favorite of their songs???  This one.....

Reminds me just exactly of Jimmy and I's love story when we first met....

What I'm wearing...

I'm breaking out all my fall gear again.  I need to go through my closet this weekend and bring out all the stuff I'm not so fond of anymore (or doesn't fit, etc.) and donate it.  And then maybe make room for a few new pieces of fall clothes.  Think that's ok?  I do!!

But the BLARDIGAN.  Yes, you read that right - a cardigan that is blanket soft.  It's the softest thing EVER.  You need one.  From Nordstrom.

My mom got it for me for my birthday and it's just perfect to wear with cooler weather.  

What I'm doing did this weekend...

Ha.  SO I changed this one because I'm a little behind and the weekend pretty much already happened.

So nice to have a low key and not jam packed weekend.

Friday night, I went to a movie by myself (read more about that here), while Jimmy and the kiddos spent some time together after he was gone all week!

Yesterday, we woke up, Charlie through a huge he and Jimmy stayed home while Maddie and I ran some errands. Then lunch, naps and the pumpkin patch!!  My mom and dad had just got back in town that night and I cooked us all pot roast and they came over to see us!

Sunday?  Up and off to church - Charlie has been BEGGING to go to church everyday this week and even throwing huge fits about not going.  I think I figured out it's because his classroom has a toy that he's obsessed with. But he tells me it's because he wants to learn about Jesus.

In the afternoon?  I went to go see Lauren and baby Landon, then went grocery shopping and then hung out with my littles while I cut all the veggies and fruit for the week.  And they ate and watched videos.  And made a mess like was a sweet, sweet weekend.

What I'm looking forward to next month....

October.  What is there not to look forward to?
  1. Royals playoff streak (crossing fingers for World Series!)
  2. Jimmy's football team (getting to go to a few more games!)
  3. All the fun that Halloween and fall have to bring
  4. Hosting a neighborhood mom's group scarf exchange!
  5. A fun blogger scarf exchange (thanks for telling me about it, Sarah!)
  6. A new hire starting at work - that will hopefully mean some relief for me
  7. My bike race/ride next weekend in NYC to raise money for Autism - I'm pumped!
  8. Friend from high school's baby shower AND wedding dress shopping with my sister!!!

What else is new...

Maddie and Charlie have been LOVING each other so much lately.  Even this weekend they were just playing outside on our patio together..while Jimmy and I were inside getting dinner ready (and keeping a close eye on them through the windows).  It's so sweet.  Saturday night at bed time, Charlie started crying because he told me he wanted to keep playing with Maddie.  How sweet?  I just love them.

And then Charlie told me he wanted another baby in our house - and that he would name it Alcides Escobar (his favorite Royal's player...hahahaha)

But seriously - these two are the best and I love seeing their relationship blossom!

Bonus: Favorite Halloween tradition?

I have really liked the neighborhood Halloween costume parade we have gone to the last few years.

 But my favorite Halloween tradition is our family Halloween costumes and Halloween cards we send out!  It's a little bittersweet this year because we have always had coordinating costumes for all three dogs.  I haven't blogged about it here yet, but we said goodbye to Milly and Willy in June, so I'm sad they aren't going to be in the picture this year, but I know they will be laughing at us in doggy heaven.

2014 / 2013 / 2012 / 2011 / 2010 / 2009

This year?  Charlie has requested to be Minions and Despicable Me 2 characters.  I somewhat had my act together on costumes, but Charlie wanting to be Gru from Despicable Me 2 is not easy!!!!  So this morning I convinced him to change his mind - and we are all now going to be ninja turtles.  SO much easier and the Amazon attire is on it's way.  That's how we roll!

Think this.....



  1. Wow girl you have been busy! But seems like mostly good stuff! I have that same blardigan and I'm obsessed!! I can't wait to see your costumes!

  2. That book sounds like something I so need. Do you actually have a copy or is it on an ereader? Asking because I would totally borrow if it's in paper. ;)

  3. Ninja turtles! Can't wait for those pics! And yes to coats. I. hate. coat. Thanks for being late to the {What's Up Wednesday} game with me! ;) P.S. I need a blardigan. Maybe a Monday night neighborhood blardigan exchange!!! Bahahaha!

  4. It looks like you're keeping busy!!! I can't believe it's already October!!!