Saturday, May 28, 2016


In one week from today my sister will be getting ready to walk down the aisle and become a Mrs.. - I cannot believe it's almost here!  WAHOO!  Wedding week!!!!!

In the meantime...I watched this video a couple times last night and was literally snorting before bed last night I was laughing so hard.  And then when I stopped laughing...I freaking prayed and prayed that my kids would make it down the aisle next week:

(1) with all their clothes on
(2) with minimal screaming (anticipation in some)
(3) and make it down with at least one smile on their face

But seriously - when kids come to the wedding, as long as you have a sense of humor...I do think they make it a little more fun (and humorous)

So then to feed to my ridiculous laughing in bed last night, this was the next video that popped up (from Relationship Facts as well). And for some reason, while I thought the kid video was hilarious...this one just got me.  I mean SERIOUSLY.  Lyndsay----- nothing like this will happen at your wedding.  So let's just enjoy the hilarity of these people (and their misfortune on their own big day)!!!

So cheers to a wonderful week leading up to #foreveraburden

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  1. OMG those videos are hilarious!!!! And I was sooo nervous about our kids last summer being in my SIL's wedding and to my surprise they did great! I kind of wanted them to do something funny but they were perfect!