Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Confession: my baby doesn't wear pajamas

Hi.  And ummmm....I'm sorry for my unintended blog absence.  I'm attributing the whole thing to the fact that when I upgraded my iPhone, the blogger app that I used to write random posts on my phone when I had time doesn't work.  What the heck?!!!  Does anyone that uses blogger know of any apps that still work?  They said when I googled it that they stopped updating the official blogger one, hence why it doesn't work.  And I get stressed out switching this whole thing to wordpress.

Anyways, I was cleaning out this cute babe's drawers of hi 0-3 and 3 month clothes and replacing with the 6 - 9 month clothes from his brother.  And btw - it's so fun having skipped a gender with a kid because it makes it SO FUN to open up these bins and see all these cute clothes that I used to dress Charlie in.  Oh and...I did a WHOLE lot of shopping for 6 month clothes.  And not so much 9 month.  Weird.

Ok onto the point.  What I realized when I was putting away all his clothes (besides crying because seriously - how is he growing so fast!?!?) was that I literally didn't use all of the cute hand me down pajamas.  He has worn only 2 pajamas in his almost 4 months of life.  And both were gifts from people to him - not hand me downs. 

Why and how is this??

He doesn't wear pajamas to bed.

Because I'm a lazy mom.

Or am I just a smart mom?

Who knows - but let me let you in on my secret.

All we have are the little half shirt things from the hospital (FREE - especially after you have been hoarding them with all 3 kids!) and like 3 of the half shirt things that are from Carter's.  He wears one of those every night and a swaddle.  He was OK with the swaddler things (we have like 100 of them and conveniently both my older children hated them), but then I discovered this and BONUS.  I never have to unswaddle him and make that loud and obnoxious RRRRRIIIIIIPPPPPP sound of velcro in the middle of the night.

You know when the baby is like half awake and half asleep and you have to change their diaper (because #stinkypoop) and the minute you rip their eyes pop wide open and they want to party?

Oh yeah, I kind of remember that from Maddie but not from Mikey - because I literally refuse to use the swaddle + pajamas.  Especially snap ones at night.  No thank you.  I'm a zipper mom. But those damn zippers are at the top of the PJs and the swaddle comes up from the bottom.  Completely doesn't make sense to me.  Let's get some engineer mamas designing these things!

So here is what my sweet boy still wears every night.

Free hospital shirt.

Swaddle (we are currently going both arms out too!)

That's it.  And here is the Carter's ones we have that we got from a baby shower with Charlie.

You guys.  Am I the only person that does this?  While I LOVE baby's in pajamas just like the rest of us...the fact that my kids are all July/summer babies doesn't help because I always feel like the 100 degree temps make it too hot for PJs when they are little and then by that point, they are too big for the cute 0-3 month ones.

This is not rocket science, I swear.  I'm really just lazy.  But Jimmy thinks I'm crazy to keep doing this and is like whining that Mikey is never in pajamas at night.  I'm all like - then you get up with him when he wakes up!  HA.  (Luckily that hasn't been too often, but I think we are on the brink of a 4 month sleep regression, so I'm bracing myself!).

But just for fun - here's a picture of him from each of his pajama wears.  They are so so so cute!   Just not at 2AM.  So we wear during the day instead.

Is there anything "weird" that you do as a mom?  Out of the norm?  Please please share!


  1. Ok, first of all I hear ya on the blogger app! I use to use it all the time and it worked awesome, then when I got my new phone, it was gone and I downloaded a newer version but it sucks! I can't write posts, edit, publish or anything! So annoying!!!

    And you are genius for not putting Mikey in pj's!! If I ever get to do the baby thing again, I will remember this!

  2. That's what I did when I swaddles my littles. No need for Jammie's when you swaddle. He looks so cute in his Jammie's though. Goodness!

  3. I use long sleeve onesies and a sleep sack for my 5 month old---she hates being swaddled for some reason! Also, I did recently discover that the new Cat&Jack brand at Target has sleepers that zip from the toes--I love them!

  4. So funny! We had a ton of those shirts, but the boys never wore them so I got rid of them! And I just went through all of our newborn and 0-3 month pajamas and made a pile to donate for all the pajamas that snap! Seriously, why did anyone think snaps/buttons were a good ideas EVER?

  5. We spend entire days in pajamas. We are fans and couldn't do life without them!