Friday, November 4, 2016

First Friday in November - what?!?

All I can say is - how is it NOVEMBER?!!  Kansas (and what seems like everywhere!) is so unseasonably warm.  I love it because I HATE putting coats on and off of my kids period.  But I hate it because there are still bugs.  And I'm still like sweating randomly in November.  What?

And just so you know that it's just not the weather that is confused - my daughter is very confused why it's so warm - hence her ridiculous outfit last night.  Oh Maddie.


First things first - my amazing friend (and former co-worker turned real life forever friend) finally hit publish on her blog that she's been thinking about for a long time.  She came to visit Mikey and I and we talked about it and she asked me all these questions and even took notes.  She nailed it with the title of her blog - the Flawed Perfectionist!  I just love it and love her and you must check her out and follow her!


Halloween 2016 - that was Monday night, right???  Oh sheesh.  I literally only took like 4 pictures - and here is one of them!  We had a change of plans at the last minute and ended up having the Strathman crew over to trick or treat with us since they haven't moved into their new neighborhood yet.  These boys - I love them and their parents and our kids love them too.  it was so fun - and there was FAR too much candy!!!

Their favorite part might have been passing out candy together after we were done! It was so cute and quite the team effort!


Bad news on the dress I posted last Friday on here - 

I purchased.  It arrived.  I tried it on.  Failure.  It's not as nice as it looks (duh, it was like $26) but it also fit soooo weird.  I would totally not have been comfortable in it at all.  The good news is there are free returns (yeah!) but the bad news is that now I'm on the hunt for another dress.  I think that is going to be my lunch time activity for Friday!  

I am sticking with long, so thanks for your comments and feedback!


Have I mentioned that I'm obsessed with Aldi?  Oh yeah, I am. 

Aldi seems to be a place that not everyone is willing to try out (because there are some weird things about it!), but after doing some serious and detailed comparisons of the prices and quality of the food....I just have such a hard time shopping anywhere else because I save SOOOO much money.  I of course have weighed in the lack of convenience there, as they don't offer pick up or delivery (like they do at HyVee), but I think it's so much easier to pop into an Aldi really quickly and get one or two things (because the store footprint is smaller) than a traditional store.

ANYWAYS....I'm blogging next Tuesday at KCMB about my love for Aldi and give you a true life comparison of a weekly Aldi trip versus HyVee.  Check it out (I'll post the link when it's live next week)!!

And - on my fitness blog, I have some healthy and clean recipes (lots are freezer meals - my love!) that the recipes go along with what is the weekly meat specials at Aldi - because meat tends to be the most expensive driver in your grocery bill - trying to help you save $$ and eat healthy!  Check it out!

Obviously, my love runs deep for this place.


Did I mention that the day after Halloween was picture day at Charlie and Maddie's school.  Are you KIDDING ME??  On top of that, it was trash + recycling day and the day our cleaning lady was coming - so that meant trash out and house picked up.  But the worst of these 3?  Picture day because our kids despise and protest wearing normal people clothes.  You know?  Jeans, non-under armor type shirts.  Pants,  Underwear.  Shoes that match.  You name it.  So you better believe getting dressed for picture day i super fun.  throw in the Halloween hangover and yeah....

But somehow, I gathered up the energy to dress little brother in a coordinating outfit and bribing them with candy before school to get a picture of their adorableness.  Seriously.  They look so cute here.

And then five seconds later they were not sitting nicely like this.

But they melt my heart.  Let's hope they are all smiles tomorrow morning when we are attempting to get at least one decent picture this fall (my sister is taking them!).

Happy happy weekending.  I am looking foward to some QT time with my family and my kiddos as we plan for going out of town next weekend!!!

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  1. Ahhh! I can't believe I made your Five on Friday! I am so honored! Thanks for being such a terrific friend - I just love you to pieces. Also, you should really check out Rent the Runway for a dress for that wedding. Prices are very reasonable and you can get a backup size for free on one style. I do it all the time and LOVE it!

  2. Aldi vs. HyVee--that sounds like a good post! I look forward to reading it! And seriously, picture day the day after Halloween?! That's like some sort of cruel joke! (They look adorable though!)

  3. How did I not know you had a fitness blog? We are going to gift each other 21 Day Fix for Christmas so I am going to be devouring your other blog for meal ideas.