Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Fall 2016 school pictures

Oh school pictures.  I swear.  They are the best and the worst.

Well, really the worst.  Why?  My kids do not ever get dressed up.  Like seriously.  I want to chalk it up to the fact that they are just "daycare kids", but that would be putting all those other daycare mommas into the stereotype that they don't dress their kids up ever.  And I know that's not true - because I have lots of working mom friends that do.  So I guess it's just me and Jimmy.  Because we really don't care.  And to be honest, I would really rather have my kiddos be comfy.  Especially at school when they are learning and playing all day.

So we likely did this to ourselves - because trying to get them to put on normal clothes and God forbid *PANTS* is maybe the worst thing ever.  Like wrestling greasy pigs.  But the pigs are yelling and screaming in your face acting like they are in pain.  Yes, that kind of describes telling our kids they need to get dressed up.

When picture day fell on Tuesday, November 1....I was even MORE excited because it was the day after a holiday where they were going to be up late and full of sugar.  So fun.  I was guessing their pictures would turn out horrible.  So I shot one of the three of them (after lots of bribing) before I went to work and figured that would be the best we'd get. 

Then of course, I get their proofs and I want to laugh and cry at the same time.  Because they are so hilarious and make me smile.  And cry because WHY DO THEY CHARGE YOU SO MUCH MONEY FOR THEM!?!?  Especially when you have 2 kids!!??  #profithungry 

But, of course, I had to buy.  And Jimmy got angry - but they are so funny and cute.  Here they are!

Who can resist the cheesy/forced smile!?  At least he listens to them, right?

I do like that they have the year - they will want to look back on these someday right?  (or not..)

And Ms Maddie.  This girl will NOT let you touch her hair most days.  Or put in a pony tail or attempt to style.  So this is the best we were going to get.  I love her.

Sassy PANTS!

The hands together and crossed feet.  Kill me of cuteness.

And then two sibling pictures that look pretty much identical.  But I'll take them.

Especially when these two go on and on to us about how they are "best friends".  And I want to eat them because I love them so much and love that they love each other.  Only wishing Mikey was able to participate - but I guess we might have them all there next fall (?).  We will see.  I really like our in-home lady way too much though to move him at one year old....so for now, the couch pictures will do.


  1. OMG these are great!! I have to buy them too no matter what, even though the prices are outrageous! I haven't seen Ella's picture yet, but she has the award of the most awkward smile in our family so I can't wait! :)

  2. Bahahahaha your description and these photos made me laugh so hard just now! Perhaps they always need to schedule school pictures the day after Halloween because these are great!! And yep, I always feel obligated to buy one package per year...mainly because it's what my mom did and every kid deserves a traditional, yearly school picture to look back on, right?!

  3. Oh, you just had to buy them! There is no such thing as a bad school picture! Stella's school does them in the fall AND the spring so I get double hit but #worthit and #donttelldanny

  4. These are the best! Lol! Cute kiddos for sure!

  5. OMG Maddie's smile is the best!! And it's not just you...my kids look like trash bags most days they go to daycare :) Jack NEVER wears anything I request so I'm right there with you. In his school picture he is wearing a 3T shirt that is way too small and KC Royals shorts because I guess they convinced him to wear the shirt but not the pants. haha. Obviously I bought all the pics too. We had the same stool/chalkboard set up and Allison was holding an apple in one and I died from the cuteness. Sucked in every time!

  6. The pictures turned out great! Your kiddos are adorable. My boys, both seniors in high school this year, failed to tell me when it was picture day and then again failed to send me an order form. So, I get no pictures of them this year! I'm almost positive that was done on purpose.