Sunday, November 6, 2016

Mikey's newborn pictures

I CANNOT believe that I haven't posted all of Mikey's newborn pictures.  What is wrong with me?  Let's just call it life and maybe the fact that the minute my wonderful friend Ali that took these amazing pictures sent me the link of all these, I stared at them for like 5 days straight because I was so in love.  And so in awe.  In love with the pictures and my family.  And in awe of how she captured these wonderful photos despite the complete chaos and stress that comes with attempting to get family pictures as a family of 5.  And that family of 5 includes a 2 week old baby, a 2 year old AND a four year old.  And it so happens to be said 4 year old's actual birthday when we got these done.  You know, just a little bit of crazy going on up in our house.  So since I finally got around to posting Mikey's birth story yesterday...I thought it would be only fitting to post his newborn pictures!

But Ali captured our family just perfectly.  Adding our sweet baby Mikey has just been the best and looking back on this day now, I'm thankful for the crazy of that day.  Because it makes the crazy of this day (which is just a different kind of crazy), seems just as sweet.

Again, thank you, so much to Ali and her awesome partner and husband, Andrew, for coming to our house on your way home to Wichita to capture these of our family.  I'm already looking forward to some fun for Mikey's 6 month and one year pictures with you.  The first year flies by and I'm thankful for her talent in capturing all these changes.

So here you go. So many pictures.  No words needed.  Enjoy!

Maddie would NOT put down that play dough.  So we went with it!

One of my favorites.  I will forever treasure all the laughter and love she captured here.

Then we relieved these awesome older siblings of their photo duties and Mikey and I got some of our alone time together in his room. 

Our little World Series baby - we couldn't love you more.

And you, just like your dad, will forever bleed Royal blue.

Thank you again, Ali.  It takes my breath away every time I look at these.  And reminds me how much the saying "babies don't keep" is so true.


  1. Oh my gosh these are just perfect!!! Seriously I love them all!!

  2. I just love these pictures! And the pictures she took for Vanessa, too! I need to figure out how to get Ali to come to KC and take ours! 😉

  3. These are SO good, and make my ovaries BURST! I need another little baby (too bad Scott is not on board)!