Monday, November 28, 2016

Thanksgiving weekend 2016

Our Thanksgiving celebrations kick on Wednesday night, with the Carter family Thanksgiving dinner.  With all the normal traditions, Ben started a new tradition (our nephew) of a Carter family football game.  He even sent out personalized pieces of mail to every family informing them of all the detail (the letter was amazing!) and made every tickets!!!

It was a little cold, but Pops got out his mower and made a field and the game went on.  Complete with cheerleaders!!  I spent most of the time inside with Mikey (he was hungry) and chasing our other kids (they apparently aren't into football?), but I popped out for a bit.  Ben even made a trophy - it was pretty neat and I'm excited to see this tradition continue!

As you can see, Charlie was having issues - apparently Jimmy tackled him and he did not like that one bit.  Oops.

After the game ended and the trophy was handed out, everyone went inside for appetizers and drinks.  My MIL does not disappoint with the gorgeous table decor!!  Seriously - it's beautiful every year, and this year there were personalized place settings for everyone - even the kid's table!

Mikey was not quite having the night.  I'm not sure what was wrong with the poor baby, but he was fussy pretty much all night.  Which was a bummer because he didn't get to hang out with Jay (his cousin that is just 2 months older) or really get to spend time with anyone else holding him.  He just wanted mom and dad and did take a little snooze in his Dock a tot while we were eating dinner (which was good timing) and was up in time to eat for the annual Grana jammies!

Here is the picture from this year.  Sue now has 12 grandkids to make these PJs for!  She told me that she already went and bought everything for NEXT year because JoAnn's fabric had 70% off flannel - she is amazing!  I love these pictures and this tradition!  Libbie is the oldest at 14 years old and then Mikey is the youngest at 4 months old - quite the spread of some pretty amazing kiddos!

We called it a night around 8:30 and got home at 9.  Mikey went right to sleep, but the other kids fought it a bit because they didn't want to leave their cousins!

The next morning, Maddie slept in until almost 9 (that NEVER HAPPENS!), while the boys were up a little before 7AM.  Around 11AM, we headed over to my parents house to have Thanksgiving with mom's side of the family (the ones that are in KC).  It was delicious and my mom had TONS of food too!!  We were quite spoiled with turkey, ham, cheesy potatoes, green bean casserole and then my grandma's delicious PIES!!

Oh and the deviled eggs that I requested she make.  However, Maddie loved the olives and signing "daddy finger"  (anyone else HATE that song/you tube video?)

I knew I wanted to attempt one picture of our little family.  However, the big kids didn't want to participate without bribes, so we took one of just the three of us!  Just like old times, eh?  But then they finally jumped in and this was the best we it with Jimmy's beer in his crotch!  

My sister and her husband were in Augusta, with her husband's family - but their dogs were at my parents house.  So we took a selfie with one of them, Lucy, and sent to her!

We left the big kids over at my parents (sans nap) around 4PM.  Originally, we were planning on going to a party at my boss' house around the Plaza area, but we got home and were spending time with Mikey and were EXHAUSTED - so we just decided to hang out with the three of us and go to bed.  While I was sad to miss the party, it was a great decision because the next morning I had to work and was still able to get up and work out before I headed in the next day.

Yes, had to work the day after Thanksgiving - boo.  But it was only a 1/2 day because the markets are only open a 1/2 day.  And we got Egg etc for brunch.  Yum!

That afternoon, we went over to my best friend from high school's parents house to visit with her and her family and my other friend, Katie and her family.  Maddie took a super long nap, so we didn't get to see Katie and James for too long before they headed back to Oklahoma, but we hung out with Landon and the rest of the Young clan and had a blast!!!  Miss having the Hart family in KC so much, but we sure do love visiting them in Wichita!!

Saturday and Sunday were relaxing and made for running errands, naps and playing at home.  And CRAZY.  Legit nuts at our house because Saturday was so low key.  Charlie and Maddie were running around like nut cases and then as I was trying to get a picture of Mikey looking adorable and eating - you can see Toby on our bench (luckily he was not on the table!)

But it was nice to do NOTHING...just what we needed rolling into December.  We did get to go tour the NEW building in our church - and we are SOOOO excited for it!  Maddie couldn't stop playing with the one toy that was in the room - haha.

Then I made zoodles for lunch and I'm officially obsessed.  I posted my recipe on my fitness blog if you're interested, but it's NOTHING fancy!

Seriously cannot believe December 1 is this Thursday!!  Time is flying - but so happy to have lots of shopping done, Tony (our elf) is coming on Thursday (have BIG plans for that!) and then the Christmas parties start!!  Cheers to the holiday season!


  1. What a fun, long weekend!! I can't believe your MIL makes all those jammies!!?? That's seriously impressive! And the place settings, so cute!

  2. Those zoodles look great! I just added a veggie slicer to my Christmas last and I'm excited to try this! Also, your MIL's table decor is amazing!!! And impressive she does this for such a massive family!!