Saturday, November 26, 2016

Mikey (was) 4 months old!

Yeah yeah, so he was technically 4 months old on November 19 - which was exactly a week ago - but that's life huh?  Time is flying right now and I'm trying to soak up every minute with him! (and his siblings!)

Length: 26.5 in (93%)
Weight: 15lbs (38%) 
Head: 16.75 in (76%)

You know how every month seriously gets more fun when you have a baby and they start to figure things out more and interact with you more?  That's where we are now.  He's starting making all kinds of noises and "found his voice".  He's still not a huge crier - so you know when he cries, it's really bad!  He's a really good sleeper too - especially in comparison to our other two kids. He's a dream boat!

Of course - I did NOT keep up with these weekly pictures.  I swear, every Tuesday would come and go and I would totally forget - GAHHHH.  I really liked the collages too (see his 1 month, 2 month and 3 month posts).  #momfail

  • Still such a happy little babe!!!
  • You LOVE your bouncer and are bouncing away and playing with all the toys - you for sure like being upright better than laying down.
  • Sleeping good still - I did a post on how I don't ever put you in pajamas and then like the next week you literally got far too long for all your sleep sacks that I was putting you in - so I had to use the different sleep sacks and then it got FREEZING outside, so now you wear PJs.  Ha.
  • Sleep in the dock a tot in your crib.  Not sure when I'll take you out of that - probably need to think about it.
  • Broke out the 6-12 month box from the basement and I'm loving all the long sleeved onesies that are 6 months - they fit you way better and I forgot how cute they were.
  • Size 2 diapers still!
  • You found your voice!  It's funny because, just like Charlie, you are a pretty quiet baby.  You cry when you absolutely want something and even less than he did as a baby.  But you found your voice this past month and I love the little noises you make!!
  • You're like a daycare pro - taking 6-7 ounces in a bottle three times a day, which is nuts
  • YOU ROLLED!! On your 4 month "birthday" - three times actually.  And guess what?  I've missed ALL three of them.  Tummy to back, but that's it.  I need to see it!
  • Mom left you for the first time overnight (ok dad too - but since he doesn't feed you from his boob, I'm a bigger deal).  We took a trip to Houston and you stayed with Grana and Pops.  I was SOOOO nervous because I've never left a kiddo this young, but you did amazing and slept and ate great for them and they said you could come back anytime!!!
  • First time in the high chair - you did great!!  Very sturdy (or more than I thought you'd be!)

Things you like:
  • Will take milk straight from the source or from a bottle - dad said you haven't been taking the bottle well from him, but Marie said you take it great from her.
  • Maddie is obsessed with you - still.  You can always make her smile and get out of one of her fits.  She loves playing with you in the jumper and "teaching you"

  • Being tickled - it's the BEST.  And hearing you laugh is just amazing
  • Still like being carried and facing out - which is not easy at 15lbs and growing!
  • Snuggles.  Oh man, you're a snuggler and I love it.
Things you don't like:
  • When you have a dirty diaper (DUH)
  • When you can't burp - it's the worst - for all of us!
  • Lots of commotion around you!!!

Special memories:
  • Your first Halloween!!!  You actually only wore your Robin costume for these pictures because it was too stinking HOT the night of Halloween!  Dang!  You still had fun!
  • I FINALLY posted your birth story - it's about time right?  And your newborn pics!
  • Election Day 2016 happened - AH!
  • Had our first time away from each other overnight - oh my!
  • Had lunch with our friend Sarah and Lenni - and spent the day with just me and you - it was great and felt like we were on maternity leave again together
  • Met SANTA!

  • Got your first ornament and #wasntimpressed

  • Twinned with dad (while he looked gangsta)!

  • First time on a walk in the stroller like a big boy!

  • Mom dressed you in the exact same outfit that she did your big brother exactly FOUR years ago and was reminded of it from time hop - I think you guys are brothers!

A note to our sweet boy:

You are still amazing us with your sweetness - let's keep that up, ok?  Haha.  We are excited for what this next month will bring with Christmas and all sorts of fun.  Adding you to our family seems so natural and it's still so hard to believe that you're only 4 months old.  You are starting to feel like a bigger baby because you're in the jumper and like to interact.  You don't let us forget about you and have started making some noise.  We love your smiles and seriously the little smile you give me when I come into your room in the morning to get you out of bed = the best thing of my day.  I cannot imagine starting it another way.  While you might be smaller in weight that your brother and sister were at 4 months, you are the tallest - so we will see if the long and lean keeps up.

So blessed to have you as our baby boy!!!!!

Your mom (and dad)


Just for fun - here is Charlie and Maddie's four month side by side picture.

I feel like Charlie and Mikey look less alike in these pictures too - crazy.

Some other outtakes from our little "shoot" (and no, I didn't ask for help this time!!!).

Some fun from the last month:

First time in the high chair - wanted to be part of the family eating!

I love this video of Maddie praying with you - it's the sweetest!

Looking forward to so much more fun to come!

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