Wednesday, May 20, 2009

48 hours and counting...

Our new house- 5209 W 79th St!!!

The fabulous backyard for all 3 dogs to run around in!!!

I got my island! Just picture NO BLUE anywhere :)

And Jimmy got his wood his "George Brett" room

48 hours is all that is left until Jimmy and I will be homeowners. It's kind of a huge mix of emotions...including excitement, nervousness, overwhelment (is that a word) and relief!!! Also don't forget the realization that I will, only a mere 22 days after my first mortage I ever got was paid off due to the sale of my condo, again join the ranks of Americans and be in huge debt in the form of a mortgage :) This time though- I have someone to share that debt with me! So who doesn't get really excited for that?!!?
Anyways, with a long to do list starting on Monday I think I got most everything covered. This included, but is not limited to: set up transfer of all utilities, finalize homeowners insurance, go through final walk through, set up closing time on Friday, reserve a Uhaul on Saturday...... As those few items were being checked off...of course many more appeared. Like schedule a carpet stretch (I had no idea what this was or even existed), build in time to shampoo all the carpet and paint the closets before we move our stuff in, and CLEAN. Apparently the previous owners didn't feel the embarrassment of leaving dust/dirt/gross stuff everywhere when they moved out.
All in all, it's pretty exciting though and I CANNOT wait for it to be over!! While there is a lot of work still to come (especially with this landscaping project my dad seems to have in mind in place of him getting a summer job!), we are both so excited. In addition, I think Jimmy and I have learned more about each other and how we can best support each other through fun life stuff like this. There has been yelling, laughing, and pure joy through the whole thing--and I couldn't think of anyone I would rather be buying a home with!! While Lauren will be his sub until we are officially married (YEAH for Lauren moving in!! I'm really excited. So are Milly and Willy to have their aunt Lauren move in!), he'll sure make himself at home in the house on a temporary basis I'm sure!
And then, the wedding planning can begin! Does life ever slow down?!?

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