Thursday, May 28, 2009

Milly and Willy update

I haven't blogged about Willy and Milly for awhile- so I'm giving them their chance to shine this I snapped some pictures of them on my phone :)

They are LOVING the new house. I am really thinking that Willy is going to lose some major weight because he runs all over the backyard chasing squirrels along the top of the fence and barking at birds that decide to take a break from flying within his viewing range (which is quite limited at times). Milly is freaking adorable when she prances around the yard. The cutest thing was when Emily came over to see the house. We went into the backyard and Milly was over in the corner and Emily yelled her name..her ears perked up and she pranced/bounced/lept across the yard (call it what you please) to see her!! My dogs are just such little love givers!!

The one thing they are having to learn is how to handle the neighbors black lab "sharing" the west side of the fence. They seem to be a little territorial (no really?!) of their new yard and bark every time they hear the dog on the other side. There is a little slot that you can see through and their dog is freaking adorable and harmless- as well as he never barks, so I'm sure the neighbors just love Milly and Willy as an addition to the sounds of nature that they hear every so often. Don't worry, I'll have Jimmy pull a Ceaser Millan soon and dog whisper them back into shape.

Milly found a new "hiding" spot in Lauren's room too---sandwiched between a pillow and a blanket on the floor next to her desk. On Monday night, when it was time to go to bed I couldn't find her anywhere! I was freaking out and yelling her name all around the house and outside to come...but she was nowhere to be found. Jimmy, my dad, and I started looking everywhere and I kept getting these horrible images of little Miss Milly lost in the neighborhood!! But then I went into Lauren's room and found her nestled underneath the blanket....looking at me like life for her was just great. So now I know where to look when I can't find her!!!

Willy just really enjoys staring out the front and back windows and doors. Like I said- we need some dog whisperer talents to come out because he barks at EVERYTHING it seems!

Overall, we have adjusted to our new home and gotten into the daily routine again just in a new location. They love Lauren and I swear, by the time she moves out she's going to want to buy a wiener dog :)

Willy asleep and loving life

Milly being cute as ever...

The pups roaming around their new backyard!

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