Friday, May 29, 2009

Signed, sealed, delivered!

Since Jimmy mailed in his amended tax return yesterday to get the $8000 first time homebuyer credit---the fun and dreaming can begin :)

The majors on the wish list include (but are not limited to):

- Remodeling the master bath! This is what we can call an "economy sized" bathroom---meaning SMALL. Now, I might be biased because in my condo I had tons of counter space to get ready and storage to put all my bathroom stuff (most of which just sat there, so maybe it is a good thing....). So now I am stuck trying to make do and have a positive attitude that I have a master bath at all. BUT......thanks to the government- my dreaming can now become a reality. Wouldn't this be great!? Found this picture on HGTV for a small bathroom remodel and I love it! This would entail ripping out all the current pink/peach tile in the bathroom, knocking down the half wall that semi-encloses the shower (that I really wonder every time I get in the shower why it was put in originally), re-tile, put up new glass doors...get a non-wood window (yes- we have a wood window in the shower. what brilliant person thought of that is something I would love to know), and get a new vanity. So I'm sure that our finished product will not look like this....but it doesn't hurt to dream right?

Now that's what I'm talking about....I know that counter space shown might now seem much to you, but believe me...based on what I'm working with now, this is heaven!

- Updated landscaping...aka ripping out the rotting, old, gross railroad ties that currently dominate our landscaping! This project work will be courtesy of the wonderful Mr. Roger Bruns. He has signed up for this as his part-time job. While he will not be receiving monetary compensation for his labor, we will be paying for the materials and I will supply him with the meals during any "meal-time" he is working. That's a fair trade, right? Here is a little glimpse of his vision.....he just loves the catalog from Home Depot with these in it. Gotta love a dad that is willing to put in some sweat and tears for the beauty of a front and back yard!!

Ahh..we can only dream, right? What a perfect addition to the backyard!

Not ours...but hopefully what our railroad ties will look like once Roger gets a hold of them

- New counter tops. Hmmmm..if you know me, you probably know I'm more of a neutral/earth tone color person (hence that I would claim brown as my favorite color). So when I tell you that the kitchen counter tops in our new house are blue----you will probably shriek (note: I tried to warn you so you wouldn't shriek if you are reading this @ work). Obviously, changing that immediately is at the top of the list as well. Our vision is black granite....and what a vision that would be with our light wood cabinets, new black hardware, and freshly painted light green walls. I know, I know.....we are truly design visionaries. Now I'm wondering this: do we do a fun back splash or just run the granite all the way up??? Here are 2 examples. I think I'm partial to the fun back splash.........
All granite back splash above and fun back splash below..

Needless to say, I'm sure you are just oozing with excitement for the house and all the fun projects that will be happening this summer (well in 8-12 wks....let's hope 8 and that the IRS turn around is efficient). If you are ever bored on a weekend and want something to do, call me or Jimmy and I'm sure we can find some manual labor for you :) Obviously- I am kidding. I'm more excited for everyone to come over after the completion and enjoy it with us!! Yeah for the weekend!

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