Saturday, May 2, 2009

Save the Date!!

We set a date for our wedding--- 4/10/10! Get excited...I know I am because I have heard that is the hardest part and since that's out of the way, I'm thinking it's all easy from here. Haha...I am sure that attitude will quickly change!

We're getting married @ 2PM at St. Joe Catholic church on Johnson Drive in Shawnee, which is the church that Jimmy and his family attend, which also houses the grade school that he and all his brothers went to and his mom is currently the prinicpal of! It's great to get married somewhere with some much history and meaning!

Our reception will be in the Commons area at St. Thomas Aquinas...where Jimmy went to High School, my mom works as an academic counselor, and where Jimmy and I first locked eyes across the gym in 2003. Again- we're very excited to celebrate this exciting day there!!!!

Check out our website on the knot for future updates...there are still LOTS of details to be determined (including the wedding party!!! can't wait to ask them!!!) and we'll make sure to keep that website updated as it gets closer to the big day. According to the knot....only 343 more days!

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