Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What a weekend!!!

Just wanted to say that it's official: Jimmy and I now own our house!!! Thursday night there was a bit of a hiccup that pretty much gave me a heart attack, but luckily Taylor was able to pull some strings and make sure we closed on Friday before the long weekend :) Is it bad to say that I was more than relieved to hand over the check for the down payment and closing costs?? I literally tried to hand it over before the guy that was closing us even went through all the paperwork and the 40,000 documents we had to about anxious!!

To quickly recap the action packed weekend, I'll break the activities into days:

Thursday after work-
  • Carpet stretcher guy comes over to stretch the upstairs carpets
  • Jimmy shampoos all the carpets!
  • I begin to tape the living room for painting
  • Vanessa and her mom come over for the pre-walk through (meaning they are in for a shock with they see the after!)
  • I almost has a heart attack because she gets a call they might not close tomorrow
  • Everyone is relieved to hear that we will close on Friday :)


  • Jimmy and I went to St. Joe to set up time with the parish secretary...when we got there we were immediately put in separate rooms and took a 170 question scantron test on getting married. Needless to say, 30 minutes later we walked out of our respective rooms laughing at some of the questions, but satisfied with our choice to get whew what a sigh of relief :) Hopefully Father Mike says that we "passed"
  • Next up is our FIRST trip to Home Depot of the weekend....we got tape and stuff to paint (I think). I have to admit I don't really remember this trip. Seems like years ago now!
  • Picked up our table and chairs at my parents house and then off to Aquinas because of course, we forgot the key to the house and my mom had it (so responsible)
  • We arrive at the house and anxiously await the AT&T people to arrive to install our cable and internet!! The excitement of was killing us. Needless to say, that was also shot down about 4 hours later when my mom called us to say that the lady determined finally that our house was 4800 ft away from the hub and you can only be tell me this AT&T.....why did you list our address as having service "available" in your availability tracker and then waste 4 hours of your technicians time determining that 4800 just doesn't equal 3000. We're not bitter or anything :) But after being cable/internet-less for 5 days....I'm so excited for tomorrow morning and Time Warners arrival!
  • About 1:00 Jimmy and Dan Heble head off to get our fridge we bought from my mom's co-worker. They were all muscles...and then Heble expertly switched the doors around to my liking---he is welcome to bring beer over and put it in that fridge any time he wants now!
  • 2:30------we head off to the bank to get the cashiers check and then to Chicago Title to close! That was an exciting 40 minutes of signing our life away
  • In the mean time, my wonderful mom has been at the house starting to paint the living room. It looks great Barb :)
  • The troops all begin to arrive at our house and the painting parties begin!!! Living room, dining room, master bedroom, and Lauren's bedroom and closet were all completed on Friday---and Lauren you did an excellent job of painting the closet!! **I'd hire you any day!!
  • 11:30- we call it a night and head out


  • Bright and early Jimmy arrives at the house to do another coat of paint in the dining room and master bedroom. He is a very particular painter I have learned.
  • Lauren and Karel arrive to finish up painting her room
  • My dad and I take a load of my stuff over and then are off to get the Uhaul!
  • Dale, David, Jimmy, my dad, and myself load the truck with all my stuff (there was a lot) and then we are off to the new house to unload it---they were like professional movers! I was very impressed!!!
  • The boys head over to Lauren's house to pick up all her stuff and then finish unloading that about 1:00
  • Mrs. Carter arrives with lunch (everyone is starving at this point) and then the wall paper stripping in the kitchen is kicked off
  • Truck is returned and unpacking/wall paper stripping continues..........the we move on to Lauren's bathroom and the 1/2 bath downstairs and prime the kitchen in the mean time
  • Jimmy and I make about our 4th trip to Home Depot- more paint and a light fixture for the bathroom and then go to Heble's house to pick up an amazing grill that his dad gave us!!
  • We go to the grocery store and get food for everyone to eat as a thanks for helping out
    Dinner is devoured on the new table that was such a great Craigslist purchase!!!
  • I head over to my parents and get some stuff that I forgot and then I pass out of exhaustion.....


  • We head to HyVee for breakfast then off to Carter Glass to clean
  • I search craigslist for a dryer because we are in desperate need! I find one that was posted that morning @ 9:30 in Shawnee for $75 and call the guy---after we leave downtown we go pick it up!!
  • Back to Home Depot for kitchen and bathroom paint and other stuff......but I can't remember what
  • Jimmy rips me away from painting and we head over to his cousin's graduation party!
  • My parents, sister, and her boyfriend come over to grill steaks...thankfully my mom prepared everything @ her house. Our kitchen was not in "cooking" order quite yet with stuff still everywhere!!
  • We paint the kitchen.......
  • I stay up late after everyone leaves and Jimmy falls asleep to finish priming the bathroom so Lauren can eventually shower there!!


  • Up bright and early again, Jimmy does another coat in the kitchen
  • Pretty sure we went to Home Depot again.....for who knows what
  • Painting commences on the bathroom and my dad and Jimmy work on the yard---mowing and weed wacking
  • I attempt to organize my closet and run to Wal-Mart/Lowes
  • New shower head is installed in the master bath with actual water pressure
  • Clean up of the kitchen/bathroom take place
  • My dad continues to work- he's running new cable to the living room for the TV there
  • I hit up the grocery store for essentials (including dog food- Willy would NOT be happy with me if he did not get his daily meals......)
  • Then I finally have to ask him to leave because it's 10:00 and about an hour past my bedtime on a weeknight :)


  • Oh it didn't stop with the weekend..........I know you thought I was done :)
  • My dad is @ the house right at 4:30 when I get home from work...he keeps going on running the cable line how he likes
  • I head over to my parents to get more stuff, then out to Nebraska Furniture Mart to meet Jimmy
  • We decide on a couch and oversized chair/chaise lounge that we like for the "man cave" and get it----delivered June 3........with the fabric protection plan. Unfortunately with 3 dogs, I'm not sure how long the it will stay clean. So unlimited cleanings for 5 years and one replacement if necessary...SOLD
  • I head back home to help my dad.........he leaves @ 9:30 with the promise to be back again tomorrow.

Overall, the house is coming along with still lots to do, but I love it!!! And Milly and Willy and Toby do too---Toby did decide to run away on his first visit, but what can you do. He did turn 5 on let's hope his maturity level has increased so he's a bit more calm. Needless to say I think I need another weekend to come ASAP. TGIW

Thanks also to everyone who came over to see the house :) It was great to see you and we can't wait to have you over when it's a little more put together!!!!

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