Friday, May 29, 2009

Now this is what we fight about?

So Jimmy and I have been through a lot already as engaged couple, which has entailed buying a house together. I didn't go into detail on the stresses of this process (which is probably a good thing)...but we just had probably the most ridiculous coversation on g-chat about the paint colors of our remaining rooms to paint...which is the guest room, 1/2 bath downstairs, and a little piece of drywall in the "man cave". Our discussion went a little like this.....

*Note this is long, so please only read if you are incredibly bored on a Friday afternoon and have a sliver of a sense of humor yet. And if this is not funny to you, I apologize. But as you can tell, I found it pretty hysterical because Jimmy was getting so angry.....

Jimmy: so I’m going to paint the guest room some sort of light blue and the1/2 bath down stairs I think the same gray as Lauren's
Sent at 2:56 PM on Friday

Brittany: I hate blue
Did you not read my blog?
Like you cannot be serious

Jimmy: I’m not wanting like baby blue
We already have a brown room, an orangish room, a light green, and a light yellow
And I don’t want to duplicate colors
So it’s either a red shade or blue shade
And I hate brown, but that doesn’t stop us from painting your room brown
Sent at 3:00 PM on Friday

Brittany: yeah well it goes along with our "theme" of earthtoned/warm colors

Jimmy: light blue goes with those colors babe

Brittany: I’m sorry I don't like that color
What about red on 2 walls and champagne on 2 walls

Jimmy: I’m sorry I don’t want the room two different colors
Just pick the color out, I don’t care what color it is

Brittany: no I like the 2 different colors
It would be awesome

Jimmy: no
It wouldn’t

Brittany: my parent’s basement is 2 different colors
Yes it is
Jackie’s room is that color
We were just discussing it
I think it sounds really awesome

Jimmy: I think its sounds horrible I'm sorry I just think 2 colors is bad news

Brittany: no it's not
Why do you like that?

Jimmy: like what? Blue?

Red and champagne color

Jimmy: I don’t deny that they go together, we just are not painting that room two different colors

Why not? My parent’s basement is like that
Do you think that looks bad?

Jimmy: no I just don’t like it. Just like you don’t like blue I don’t like two different colors, surely we can find a compromise
I want blue you want red and champagne. Compromise= shade of red

Brittany: on ALL the walls? That will be a nightmare to paint
It will bleed through like crazy
We can do champagne on the walls and then red/champagne bed spread

Jimmy: no it won’t

Brittany: we'll have to paint it like 4 times
Yes Jackie painted her 2 walls red and she had to use 1.5 gallons of paint

Jimmy: no two times max

Brittany: no freaking way
You are wrong this time

Jimmy: god damn you are really pissing me off, are you purposely arguing with me on every point?!?!? argh

Brittany: no I'm not
I just think we need to think of that stuff more
I want to do an organish color in the man cave
And get some sweet pillows
Not on the wood paneling
But on the small part you can paint

Jimmy: ya that’s fine. I’m fine with that.

Brittany: ok
So then back to the guest room
I think we do 2 walls red or all champagne
I’m not a fan of blue at all

Jimmy: I say we do all walls a shade of red

Brittany: I’m sorry it just doesn't go with the "warm" color theme of our house
Ok that's fine
I mean it's going to be a bitch to paint
And a little overwhelming probably

Jimmy: how is light blue not "warm"
And who defines "warm"

Brittany: blue is a "cool" color
Have you EVER studied the color wheel?

Jimmy: whats brown then?
Is brown warm?

Brittany: there are warm and cool colors this is widely known

Jimmy: yes I know, but what is brown?

Brown is technically not a "color"

Jimmy: ohhhh how clever of you to mess up our "warm" theme with a "non color"

Brittany: well it's a mixture of warm colors

Jimmy: hahaha

It does

Jimmy: our kitchen isn’t a warm color either
Green is "cool"

Brittany: yeah but it can qualify as "earthtone" because it matches the brownish
Like nature
Blue is sky- but isn't in nature
It’s above
So it doesn't go

Jimmy: omg @!!@!}
Light blue, light green and poop brown all go together!
Sent at 3:17 PM on Friday

Jimmy: what about a dark orange?
Sent at 3:21 PM on Friday

Brittany: eh maybe

Jimmy: whatever just pick the color
I don’t even care
or color(s)

Brittany: I’m posting this convo to my blog
I’m sorry I started laughing so hard I was crying

Jimmy: I knew you were doing this to piss me off
You’re just being ridiculous about blue

Brittany: no it's just so funny
I really don't like blue though

But that’s the color of my bedroom now!
Feels like I’m surrounded by poop. poop poop poop all around me and you love it. I don’t get it. Brown isn’t even a color

Now if those last 3 sentences don't make you laugh, you mush have had a really bad week. Poor Jimmy---feels as though he's surrounded by poop in his future bedroom. HAHAHAHA

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