Thursday, July 8, 2010

A great blog

Sometimes you just find a blog randomly that you cannot stop looking at. That every post you read you end the post wanting more...another post, some more pictures, more funny jokes, more heartfelt stories. It's so good you go back almost every 2 hours thinking "maybe they put up another post". And when you have spare time, you want to read through past posts to see what you might have missed before you knew about the blog.

If you haven't found a blog like this or are looking for a little inspiration each day...try out this blog. It's called Enjoying the Small Things and is written by Kelle Hampton. Quick synopsis...a married woman who becomes a mother of one and then two. What happens in her life, to her perspective, to her family when she finds out that her youngest has down syndrome (the birth story- well that's incredible and grab a kleenex). She seems like an awesome and incredibly strong woman who also likes to have a great time. Although we don't have much in common, I really do appreciate her inspiring posts that put a happy spin on any side of life, especially when it might not go the way you think it should. So check it out! :)

PS A great bonus is that she's a fabulous photographer as well so she has pretty awesome pictures!!


  1. Wow. That birth story was amazing! Tissues were a good thing :)

  2. I know- isn't it amazing??? I love reading her posts :) Always keeps life in perspective!