Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Happy birthday Dad!

Today, July 27, is my dad's birthday. While he's off celebrating fifty some years of life with his parents in Iowa, like the great son he is :), here's my best attempt at a birthday post for him.

My dad is the happiest person I know (well except when a project goes wrong...). He is always there to make you laugh, smile and just giggle because he's got something funny to say. One of his greatest qualities is the way he loves people and honestly thinks the best of everyone and truly tries to bring the best out in them. My dad does this with his friends and family, but especially in his work as a middle school teacher. As anyone can guess, that job takes a lot of patience and a good heart to know deep down that you are making a difference in these kids life, whether they know it or not. He's been doing it for over 20 years and I cannot even begin to imagine the lives that he has touched (co-workers included) during those years working in education.

It was funny because we had a surprise birthday/going away party for him last year around this time as he headed off to a mission trip to Africa at my parents house and a majority of the people that came from his work were around my age! He is always looking for ways to get to know people and talk/tell stories (hmm, wonder where I get that from?). We can rarely go anywhere in the Kansas City area without my dad running into someone that he knows. From school, from church, from coaching, or from whatever. And he always has something to talk to him about and make their day!!!

And what a work ethic he has. Anyone who reads my blog knows this.....my dad is always at our house working on projects. He is always trying to help out, try something new, add something to our house. We love him for that, especially because the projects always turn out amazing!!! And it's a nice treat that he is regularly at our house, for dinner, a nice conversation and someone to put a smile on our face!!!

Anyways-------hope you had a GREAT birthday, Dad. Thanks so much for the person you are, the smile always n your face, and being such a great person who is optimistic, which is what so many of us strive to be!! LOVE YOU and hope you had a great time in Iowa!!

Dad and his brothers and dad (my grandpa)!

Mom and Dad and my dad's parents in Iowa!

Dad and Jimmy, his first "son"

The Bruns family, expanding :)


  1. This is so sweet! Dad's really are the best. Happy Birthday Mr. Bruns :)

  2. Happy B-day Roger!!! Favorite RB story of all time...beebee bullet that ricocheted off a wall and knocked out his tooth. Priceless!