Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Trip to OKC: True Family Reunion II

While last year we had to make the long trip to Lubbock, TX and had some pretty funny events happen (remember the broken hotel sink??), this year we cut the drive in half and went to Oklahoma City!! It was nice because we could leave on Saturday and not have to take a day off of work, but that made for quite the fast turnaround. My mom and sister went down on Friday though with my grandparents so we could all comfortably ride down instead of trying to cram 5/6 people in Jimmy's SUV. So on the way down it was me and the boys: Jimmy, my dad and Andrew. It was rather strange being in a car with all guys that I consider "family" because a short while ago we were female dominate!

So 6AM, we were off! First stop: McDonalds for breakfast, in which the people tried to take a $20 bill from us. However, it's one of those had to be there stories, so I'll spare you. Then it was to Ottawa, KS to drop Lani (my sister and Andrew's dog) off at Andrew's parents house for the weekend. And I got to meet Bailey, their family wiener dog! She was SO adorable!!

Then we were in it for the long haul, only making one stop on the way down before we hit OKC. Guess that's what you get when you ride with a bunch of guys!? We stopped at this cute BBQ place, County Line BBQ to eat a big lunch. This place was really good with HUGE portions and HUGE drinks. And it was fun because they sat you in little individual rooms. Fancy. Haha.

After lunch, I ditched the guys and met up with the girls- my aunt, mom and sister and we went shopping. I cannot remember the last time I went shopping for clothes, so it was fun. I got some good deals at Dillards and NY & Co for work clothes and then of course we hit up Ross, where I got Jimmy some stuff too! But we were having an early dinner, so it had to be cut a little short. In the mean time the guys all went to Bricktown in OKC, which was most likely Jimmy's idea because he really likes being "manly".
Dinner was planned with the whole True family, at Furr's cafeteria - yum, I know your mouth is salivating. I thought it was ok, then again I'm the type of person that enjoys any kind of food. Jimmy was very picky and only ate macaroni and cheese and mashed potatoes. We shared the "party" room with a 50th birthday party, so we got to participate in some fun Happy Birthday songs. All in all, the older folks really enjoyed it and it provided us with good entertainment I would say. Jimmy might not have had as rosy of an outlook :) All I know is that I got a hot fudge sundae at the end and I was happy! Throw in that slice of lemon meringue pie and I was kind of glowing...or maybe that was because it was so hot. You can tell in the picture below how happy Jimmy was to be there.

Anyways, we did see this from a family member that no one knew. Apparently it's not common to see such a large trailer on top of a normal sized truck. Needless to say, they went to dinner and we never saw them again. Interesting. Do you think they really were family? :) Kidding.

The day ended with another fabulous True family auction where my mom's cousin David and my dad were the auctioneers. They were hilarious, as usual....turning "junk" into family heirlooms---even if they weren't. I did get an awesome black tray with a floral arrangement painted on it by my great aunt Anna Jean. My mom tried to get some more china, but she didn't win that bid! I got some hand crocheted booties for our dogs (haha--I don't think that was the true intention of them) and my sister actually got some AMAZING pictures from an old fashion magazine that she is going to hang up in her new apartment! Jimmy got a funny looking wooden bird (to go along with him naked angel lamp he bought two years ago), which will make it's home in his new man cave - details to come soon on that progress! But Andrew truly walked away with the real prize : an "antique" glass seahorse from Avon that is 50 years old. His max bid was $7 and he sure got it. I think he was intending to use it as a flask, but after purchase he saw there was left over perfume (maybe 50 years old) remaining in it. Not sure if he'll actually use it!

Then Sunday we were up early to grab breakfast at the hotel, stop by 7-11 and then back to KC!! Yeah for family road trips- next up...Carter family vacation to Brason!!

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