Monday, July 19, 2010

Man's moving

Ok, remember the post about how the "mancave compromise was almost complete"? HA. Never a static moment in this Carter house. As that "compromise" was in January- lots of things have being we are married and permanently living with each other. Which means more time for Jimmy to endure my complaining about how I would just love to paint the paneling.

So what do we do? Move the man cave. Yep, that's right. It's moving down the sub basement. And my dad has really been into it and making sure Jimmy has a great space. Nothing sheetrock on the outside walls, but a chair and TV will do, right? Well, my dad has made it his summer goal to make Jimmy's new man cave just that---a man cave. He has been working long and hard on it. One Friday afternoon actually, Jimmy got home early and by the time I got home, I was curious to see if my dad has been downstairs yet and talked to my dad. Nope- apparently my dad made it very clear he needed more time. So when he was finally ready, he presented us with "Jimmy's man cave, version 1"

What we saw when we walked downstairs. Just needed the cable outlet.

The other side of the basement- complete with new storage shelves.

My dad utilized everything that we had downstairs. Rocking chair with table side coolers. He even hung up all of Jimmy's decor that he previously wanted to put in the man cave.

And then after lots more work, hours and sweat---he finished the walls, the sheetrock and the doors. So now they are truly 2 separate rooms. Oh, and Jimmy got his wish and painted the KU flag on the wall. He's so artistic :) But hey, for now it truly is his man cave so really, I told him he can do whatever he wants with it. And I'm letting him. Well, that is until any kids come along....because then it will be transformed into a playroom. Sorry, Jim. But for at least a few years, it's all yours babe!! And from what I can tell, he's taking full advantage! With lots of "manly" decor and regular P90X work outs down there, I think he likes it. And those two TV's with two cable outlets, he's all set for sports season.

The new view with old furniture from my parents house. Love the unused rugs that are now being utilized!

And....the KU flag. He is finishing the painting the "K"

Looking back at the door you come down. Complete with a poster on the door. But now you can't see any of the furnace/AC, etc.

The doors....and TADA. Now you see it.

My dad, of course, did a fabulous job and his handy work paid off. We are leaving the outside walls bare for now. We painted them to make them not as gross. But in the mean time, Jimmy likes it because it's more "man cavish" to him, and means less money we have to spend now. So we'll go with it. So there you have it. A true man cave now, just for Jimmy :) And my dad has this amazing scoreboard (real size) that we used to have in my parents basement that he's bringing over to hang on the wall - that will add quite something.

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