Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Quite the bargain shopper

Everyone tends to make fun of me because in college, my saying would be "It was $5" whenever someone commented saying they liked my shirt or something like that. Mainly because I'm a bargain shopper. I usually don't buy any clothes unless they are $20 or under, just because I like the deal and the shopping part of it. Well, I will now prove to you where that comes from. My mom is the best bargain shopper I know. With everything, including clothes, furniture, home decor, food, etc. So here is a post with proof of her furniture bargain shopping :)

Apparently my mom was driving to work one day this summer and she saw this sign that says "model home furniture sale starts Thursday". It was Wednesday, so she didn't think twice about it. However, apparently a woman that also works with her went ahead and stopped by the sale and went into the office raving at how amazing the sale was and how she got these insanely expensive chairs for almost nothing and that they had to go. So my mom immediately went over there and found some amazing stuff for almost nothing. And best yet, my sister needed some furniture because she is moving into an apartment in Manhattan this fall! And the best part was, it's very quality and awesome furniture for super cheap. She only spent $1000 and got all kinds of stuff. Unbelievable! All I had to say was that, TAKE ME NEXT TIME!!! So here's a little taste of what they got....

Great wall divider that has drawers on both sides--- but she is just going to put it up against the wall. It was SOOO heavy. But looks amazing. Second was this awesome chest that is solid wood that she put in the entry hall. Gorgeous!

Then a great chenille purple couch in the library. That is why we got the old plaid couch for the man cave! So comfy!!

Then my sister got a great white couch that is in 2 parts. Great first couch!! WOW!

And finally a awesome 2 seater chair and ottoman, that looks great in the family room!!! Love this picture of them :) And my happy sister with her little pup Lani!

Lyndsay also got a great wood table that is awesome! AND my parents went back to pick everything up- my dad found a king size head and foot board, which meant they had to get a king size bed, and my mom had to bargain shop for some additional king size bedding and curtains. And of course she found them all for a steal at Kohl's. Gotta love her, with her great style, shopping skills, and sense of taste!

Great deal Barb! Keep it up- and thanks for the great bargain shopping skills. And remember, take me next time :)

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