Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Extra rooms tour

I have been keeping myself busy, believe it or not, after this wedding is now over. Seeing as it I filled my nights after work and weekends with wedding projects previously, I couldn't just stop doing things. It wasn't right. So as Lauren moved out and let us an empty room (so sad, cannot talk about it), we needed to shift some things around.

The old guest room is now the office. Lauren's old room is now the guest room. And since we bought new bedroom furniture for our bedroom (yes, still loving the king size bed- even convinced my parents to buy one for themselves!) that gave us an extra set of bedroom furniture that was perfect for the guest room. I have been working hard on these rooms to get them how I want them to look, especially the office, since we use that regularly because it doubles as our "dog" room.

What I wanted in the office was a big desk, room to file/store things, cool stuff on the walls and something to sleep on (in case we have extra guests that don't all fit in the guest room). So the solution? The queen size bed we had in there before wasn't going to work, so we swapped that big bed with my parents to get my daybed that I had as a kid! It was the perfect size and looks great in the room :) I might get rid of the gold toppers, but I couldn't part with the original design just yet as it has been "mine" for a long time!

Without further delay---introducing the office....

View from the door. Love the rug. Re-used the curtains from an old bedroom of mine at my parents house. Got new blinds and tossed out the nasty roll down shades that came with the house.

I love the floating shelves!! All decorations are stuff that I already had, including the "C" that was something I bought for our wedding and never used. Moved the organizer that Lauren got me for my birthday last year from the entry way to the desk (makes sense) so I could have all my files in one place. Jimmy already had the nice chair too!! Desk was new from NFM but for only $79, it was a steal and gives me just enough room to work on my home computer and work on my work computer when I work from home!!

Close up shot of the cube shelves. I looked long and hard for one of these that I liked. Found one at Office Depot for $50 and was sold. It is very sturdy and I like how big the squares are. I'm still trying to make the boxes/bins look "cute" like the do on Young House Love and still make them functional. We'll see if that happens. I did move all our gift wrapping stuff from out of the closet to here. The big bags, cards and some ribbon are in the big wicker basket and the smaller bags and tissue paper are in the smaller one. I also used some awesome clear vases we got from some of my friends as a wedding present, filled them with some split peas (left over wedding decorations) and stuff the gift wrap tubes in there for a perfect fit! Now gift wrap is easier and more accessible! Yeah! Love Hallmark for making me like this!

Also, I was able to proudly hang out guest book/picture frame that the guests signed at our wedding. It looks great right there!! I just wish more people would have signed it. I would guess there are under 100 signatures on it and we had about 300 people at our wedding....so next time you are at our house, if you didn't get a chance to sign it, don't be surprised if I stick a pen in your face and say "will you sign?" Haha JK, but seriously.

My old bed! It was a perfect fit in between the 2 kennels. I found the comforter on sale at Target and it was simple and went with the room. I already had the artwork and I realized that the old plates we used to have in our kitchen kind of match the rug....so I just hung those up. PS Hanging plates is SUPER easy so if you have cute ones that you like, just buy a plate hanger from JoAnns, Micheals, Target and hang them up. Cheap decor that looks good! My final project in this room is hanging our dogs pictures over their respective kennels :)

Love the rug. A steal at Target for how big and plush it is.

Now onto the guest room. I literally just took the comforter I already had in the old guest room (new office) and put it in the new room. It worked out perfect because Lauren had painted the walls yellow and that was an accent color in the comforter, so no painting needed!! We literally just moved all my old bedroom furniture into here and put the old desk with the desktop computer in there. I am still trying to figure out what to hang on all these walls though! Guess art truly does take time. Haha. However, we did have our first visitors to stay in the new guest room the last weekend in June for Lyssa's wedding. Vanessa and Chris stayed and I think they thought it was a good guest room :) I didn't ask them, but there weren't any complaints!!

So finally, presenting the new guest room....

View from the door. Another Target rug kind of "makes" the room. Love that store. As you can see, need to figure out what/where to hang things and figure out some window treatments ASAP. Not sure what I'm going to do with the 2 cube shelf sitting at the end of the bed. That was my original plan to use in the office. They are these cubes you assemble from Walmart and can put on top of each other. However, I didn't think they were super sturdy, so I didn't buy anymore. Thank goodness because at $19 each, they would have been way more expensive (with 3 of them) than the sturdy shelf we did buy for the office. I am sure I will find something to put in it...

A couple dressers. I think they are mostly empty, but some of them have become the "stuff" drawers of our house. I did finally find a use for this wire shelf thing I bought on a whim at CostCo and brought it home and it didn't fit where I intended to put it. I kept saying I was going to take it back, but instead....

I made it into a spot to house guest towels and guest toiletries. I kind of like it :) And notice the split peas in the candles. Love that I got to reuse those in some way!!

Night stand with the great pictures from Ali Moore. They look awesome in here still I just need to figure out where to hang them up! I really want some cool lamps, but lamps are so expensive. I have seen some great lamps on home decor blogs that they found at Good Will, so that will be a stop in my near future!

And out the door. This is now the room that houses the iron and ironing board (in the closet, that is still FULL of wedding stuff- btw, what the heck do you do with your leftover programs, table names, etc?!?!), so I go in it daily to iron my clothes for work so I love how it looks!!!

So now that those 2 rooms are done, an update on what we've done with our master bedroom might be next! I'm still trying to make my own artwork to hang above the bed, so we'll see how that turns out :)


  1. That looks awesome!! I have NO interior decorating skills!

  2. I have to admit I loved the toiletry rack…I felt like I was at the Hilton! :) Or maybe it was the complimentary breakfast?? Either way, it was wonderful!!